dimanche 30 novembre 2008


My Monochrome participation for this Monday.
Weather is not far from being as grey as it looks.
Picture as been taken on Saturday, Place de la Concorde.
Have a nice week you all, participants and watchers.

More Monochrome Pictures at Aileni's blog who's the specialist since he was given a camera : )

jeudi 27 novembre 2008


Here, the Sky as we saw it on Thursday evening.

Some light decorations in our arrondissement.

Light is blue because France took the presidency of European Union for 6 months.

If you want to watch our Eiffel Tower by night in blue too, go and visit my forever friend Carole.

She caught it not for 6 months but for eternity.

Si vous désirez profiter de la tour Eiffel en bleu, de nuit , allez visiter mon amie de toujours Carole. Elle l'a prise, pas pour 6 mois mais pour l'éternité.

To see more pieces of sky; visit Sky Watch Friday, and join the team Sandy, Louise, Klaus, Ivar, and IMAC.

Happy Thanksgiving to all families who celebrate it.

mardi 25 novembre 2008


Here 's my Ruby Tuesday, typically parisian : our subway entrance, very classic

You might find also these signs just to inform you.


You get a Red gem on a picture
join us today at :
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Mary The Teach's blog :

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dimanche 23 novembre 2008


In Sospel, South of France
An old little shop "Haberdasher's shop/notions shop"

From colored version to B&W

This OCTROI sign in the same place, an interesting detail of the surrounding wall.

The place where you had to pay taxes at the entrance of Sospel.

It's the original version, I'haven't changed colors, they're just Monochome "stone". On the right, it is written 'Fondation Patrimoine' / heritage foundation.

And this Monochrome cat met randomly in the streets of Sospel. Not quite entirely Monochrome but I couldn't resist.

If you get some Monochrome pictures to share, join the Monochrome Maniacs.


This week-end, I've watched a new time one of my most favorite movie ever :

Forbidden Games '1952'


Honorary Award (US)
France. Best Foreign Language Film first released in the United States during 1952.

BAFTA Film Award (GB)

Golden Lion of Venice (It)

If you haven't seen it yet, try to find it no matter how, it's worth it.

Si vous ne l'avez pas encore vu (!!) essayez de le trouver par tous les moyens.


This year Theme was Alice in the Wonderland.

Pink Flamingos as croquet mallets. Flamands roses en guise de maillets

The Mad Tea Party -

Caterpillar and Mushrooms

The Window dedicated to little boys.

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Would you still dream watching this?

jeudi 20 novembre 2008


Sunrise at the end of October - Paris

"La vie c'est ça, un bout de lumière qui finit dans la nuit."

"Life is that, a bit of light that ends in the night"

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Decomposition :

The Skyline - light

Above : Threatening and oppressive - night

To watch more Skies , visit Sky Watch Friday

hosted by Sandy, Louise, Imac, Ivar and Klauss.

You can even add your piece of Sky to ours!

mercredi 19 novembre 2008


Last week, we went to the Boulevard Haussmann where are the 2 main depatment stores in Paris : Les Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps.
At this time of year, they showcase the magic of Christmas.
Better than words, look :
very class with oits black-yellow-silver-and gold decorations
An upside down Christmas tree, hooked on to the ceiling.


the pink and purple version, the giant CHRISTMAS TREE

After seeing all these wonderful decorations, I wish you to make sweet colorful dreams. Do not forget that the waiting is an important part of the magic.

In a following post, I'll show you the animated-toys in the windows. Spoiled children!

Après avoir regardé toutes ces merveilles, je vous souhaite de faire de doux rêves colorés. N'oubliez surtout pas que l'attente fait partie de la féérie de Noël.

Dans un prochain 'post', je vous montrerai les vitrines animées. Enfants gatés,va!

mardi 18 novembre 2008


My participation to Ruby Tuesday.

I bring it from Italy, market of Ventimiglia, at the end of October.

Make your choice, there's a little bit of sun left in it.

To participate, or just visit other Ruby discovery,

go to Mary the Teach's blog :
Work of the Poet

dimanche 16 novembre 2008


Two buddies, Adrien and Gabriel

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Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.
This quote was attributed to AlbertCamus by 2 American sites of quotes. I'm not so sure about it. Don't seem to be Camus'style. So, rather than making a mistake I prefer not to maintain that Camus would be the author. Need to be confirmed. I haven't find this quote in any French quotes .
To visit other Monochrome maniacs, or to become one of them go to Aileni's blog, Loose Ends; or directly to Monochrome Maniacs

samedi 15 novembre 2008


This is the view from my window at the building on the other side of the street.

Don't you notice something weird.

What? The weather ? Not the ideal weather for a Sky Watch picture.

At my neighbor's window.

Watch carefully her window-boxes.

No, you don't see.

You want me to zoom in ?

Voici la vue depuis ma fenêtre sur l'immeuble de l'autre coté de la rue.

Remarquez-vous quelque chose d'étrange.

Quoi ? Le temps ? Pas idéal pour faire des photos, c'est sûre. Mais ...

A la fenêtre de ma voisine d'en face ?

Regardez bien ses jardinières.

Non. Vous ne voyez toujours pas ?

Vous voulez que je zoom ?

Here, it is.

You see know.

The reflection of my own window and my balcony on her glass-window. No, just kidding.

You see now, what we use as scarecrow.


Vous voyez maintenant.

Le reflet dema propre fenêtre et du balcon sur sa vitre. Non, je plaisante.

Vous voyez ce qui est utilisé comme épouvantail ici.

Barbie et Ken, ...... naked. To scare little birds.

And her brown hair friend.....

That's parisian life, very sophisticated.

Mattel can switch to a new type of production.

C'est la vie parisienne, très sophistiquée.

Mattel peut trouver un nouveau débouché pour sa production.

jeudi 13 novembre 2008


I use the occasion of Sky Watch Friday, to share with you an information I've learnt these last days.

One of the skippers of 'Le Vendée Globe' (A sailing race around the world, for singlehanders, without any stopover) told before begining the race that 2008 was a 13 moons years. And that meant weather wouldn't be favorable.

13 moons/a year = Bad weather.
I didn't pay attention of these informations before.

So I wanted this evening to propose you 4 of these 13 moons. Just look at them as they are, I'm not a professional photographer, Imagine they were many times more attractive.

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Sweet dreams!

To visit more Sky Watchers go to Sky Watch Friday, visit the participants, leave them a comment, sign yourself to participate.


Do you need a yellow cab on the Boulevard Haussmann in front of the Galeries Lafayette Department store?
Nothing is impossible.

Vous avez besoin d'un taxi New Yorkais sur le Boulevard Haussmann devant les galeries Lafayette ?
Rien est impossible

Or a rickshaw at Nice on Place Massena ? Because you're lazy.
Ou un pousse-pousse à Nice sur la place Massena ? Parce que vous êtes paresseux.

mardi 11 novembre 2008


To sum up quickly :
We have had the good idea recently to put together TV + Computers + Phone on A SINGLE Internet Service Provider.

SINCE, we 've made the connexion, neither phone or computers work correctly!

When someone is connected, the others don't manage to enter into Internet, or if they can, they have to wait around an eternity, 1 hour minute between each page.

If #1 is on The Five of Us , #2 can't access to MSN or Facebook, that's bad,

but it can be the opposite! At that precise moment, it's unbearable. I lose my famous serenity! When you've writen an entire comment on your favorite blog, (yes, it could be yours!) and at the moment you click on "publish your comment", it appears "Sorry, Internet can't display bla bla blah.... Reasons : you weren't connected (no ? really ? wasn't I reading a post on my favorite blog 2 seconds ago, maybe, just saying? Or was I dreaming ?)
Downloading pictures is becoming a patience game.

All these to explain that I'm late in writing my comment in your blog. I read them, I post comments without knowing if they're received.

Until we call Computing God at his hotline . . . . . .
We are those who changed their Internet organization acceptable not to improve it but for a worse service.Pour résumer :

Nous avons eu l'excellente idée récemment, de rassembler nos connexions téléphoniques, Internet et TV auprès d'un seul et même serveur d"accès Internet.

Depuis, ni le téléphone ou Internet ne fonctionne correctement.
Lorsque l'un est sur Internet, l'autre n'arrive pas à s'y connecter. Ou s'il y arrive, il lui faut attendre une éternité 1 heure minute entre chaque page.

Si n°1 est sur The Five of Us, n°2 ne peut pas entrer sur MSN ou Facebook, là c'est moche
mais ça peut être l'inverse! Et à ce moment précis , ça devient insupportable : )
je perds totalement ma légendaire sérénité! Quand vous venez d'écrire un complet commentaire sur votre blog préféré (oui, ça pourrait être le votre!) et qu'au moment de cliquer sur 'publier votre commentaire' , il apparaît "Désolé, Internet ne peut afficher bla, bla, bla, . . . . .
Raisons évoquées : "Vous n'êtes pas connecté (non ? vraiment ? N'étais-je pas en train de lire un article sur mon blog favori peut-être? , précisément 2 secondes auparavant. Ou étais-je entrain de rêver ?)
Télécharger des photos relève du jeu de patience!
Jusqu'a ce que nous appelions le Dieu de l'Informatique sur sa Hotline.
Nous sommes ceux qui changeons notre organisation informatique acceptable , non pour l'améliorer mais pour une pire prestation.

Can I have the connection after you Alexandra, pleeaaaase!
No, me!
I answered the first!
bla bla bla........
Je peux avoir la connection après toi Alexandra, s'il te plaaaiiit.
Non, moi !
J'ai demandé en premier !
. . . .. . .