dimanche 13 avril 2008


First of all, I must apologize.

Sometimes, I 'm connected on your blogs, then, mostly a children ask for some help (you know, you're all parents. Homeworks, dinner, snack, crying, quarrel, phone calls, visit....) and I leave the computer exactly where I was reading and ............... from one thing to an other, I forget .

Until one of my children or my husband try to connect and tell me : "Can we close your page- site?"

I know, some of you, are very professionnal, and get statistics meter. When they notice a french visitor has stayed on the same page during half a day! It must be strange.

No, I don't want to learn by heart you writings or your vocabulary. If I do so, I would have a better level in english. No, that's just forgetfullness, or Alzheimer's desease, future will tell me. (I'm not joking about this desease, as my grand mother got it. I know how terrible consequences are!)

This morning, Sunday morning, the day we all can sleep longer, Gabriel woke up at 8 am, asking as usual : "Does the sun wake up?" Is there someone in this house able to answer him, explain him instead of me? It depends on the day! No rules for this. As no one answered him! He shouted louder. He finally, decided to get up on the wrong side of bed and to go alone in the living room. I was thinking to myself : "He 'll find some toys and play!"

No, in fact he asked for me to join him. "Come , Mom, come, I begin to count ,one, two, three, four,........., ten,.........

eleven, twelve, ......, until sixteen without making a mistake!! (Remind me to congratulate his teacher)

I didn't even know he was able to count until so far! Never, when we were asking him to count, he went past ten without mistake! It was his secret. So he uses his knowledge only when it's usefull! and not to emphasize himself : )
Would he get a pinch of wisdom?

With the sun, him, and me , I didn't want his brother to be awaken, so I joined him.

Well, today, I must show you an original work made by my 4 years old son.

I 've just got in the living room, I discovered a new touch of decorating on a cushion couch.

All made with self adhesive paper eyelets!

Who says we need interior designers? When we already get a little brain full of imagination.

I love you so much, Gabriel. You're my ray of sun shine! And you brighten up all the day long.

You see, Jules, I get Nutella addicted children. I am myself, but concequences are terrible for weight.