dimanche 29 juin 2008


When we don't get much money to spend, we practice this activity of walking around an area of Paris which is free, but is really worth it.

Do you want to come with us today for a walk in Paris? Come and follow me this way,
no, this way, . . . .. . . wait a minute, I can't remember, I'm lost ?

We are in the historical center, Place des Vosges, 4th arrondissement.
I let you admiring the style instead of discribing it with words
The neighborhood is historic, and also very alive even on Sunday. Many old food-shops have been bought by great brands of fashion. Fortunately they conserved the storefront. Look :

an old frontshop of a butcher .

There is a big community of French jewish population. Many shops are specialized. I show you. Some of this community are jew-orthodox.

During WW2, wealth of many jews were stolen. All the paintings that have been recovered a long time after war, and non reclaimed by relatives are exposed here.

'This paintings belonged to who?'

Funny name for a street : Street of the 'step' of the mule.

A frontshop : 'Yesterday for Tomorrow'

These places are just very parisian. Not absolutly the essential when people come and visit Paris, but they get a 'soul' as we say here, an atmosphere.

That's all for today. I'll show you many more, later. Rest your eyes from so much beauty! ; )

EURO 2008

Are you going to celebrate at this home tonight?Or will you form part of this crowd ?

May the best team win! ARRIBA !!!!!!

samedi 28 juin 2008


This post is for Jacque , to let her (and you) appreciate how we feel when we live in altitude, 6th floors from the ground.

Here, my building. This construction dates from 1903. This building made with cut-stone is typical from many arrondissements of Paris. They're called "immeuble Haussmannien". It means they date from the new plan of Paris by the Baron Haussmann who wanted to design a new modern town in the end of the 19th century.
You see that open window, it's ours.

From the ground, we don't even see the flowers.

From left ........and right side, those windows at the balcony.

View at the West............and East

The green cross above is a drugstore/pharmacy.

From above, see the street and its little ants, other parisians.

Look at those beautiful suspended gardens, the red one in the foreground is ours, at the boys'bedroom.

Let's see farther. Do you note that little cross behind the chimneys? It"s the spire of our church.

I can see this corner of our Church from my balcony.

When I'm on the place, here, it is.

You can see the station of subway, the Kiosque where we can buy newspapers and periodicals on the left.

A carousel for little kids, on the right.

In front of the church, the city hall. Paris is divided in 20 arrondissements. Each gets his own city hall. The main one is the 1st arronissement.

A café in the place of the Church and the City Hall, and 2 entrances and issue of the Subway.

Note the European flag in front of our Official buildings, the Blue-White-Red in front of our city-hall.

This is a "Colonne Morris"serves since a century to present theater shows, or movie posters.

jeudi 26 juin 2008


A vision in front of our window.

Is it a vision of a bird of ill omen ?

For me, just a crow.

At most, maybe, it could remind me some S.King 's novels. . . . the Great Hitchcock

or a Spanish proverb "cria cuervos, y te arrancaran los ojos" which means : "Raise ravens, and they'll pluck out your eyes!" , Spanish always use really pictorial language, but, at least, it"s absolutly understandable.
Like us, he tries to survive in this big city.

His home-nest is in the tree underneath the roofs.

If you want to learn more about birds, or Nature, even Skies, go and see Tom's blog :

Welcome to Wiggers World, as its name suggests it, Tom and Jane, hosts Sky Watchers each friday. Go and join the team.

dimanche 22 juin 2008


Yesterday, my husband and I took a walk in Paris.
It was smelling air polution due to the heat. But it was fine, regardless.
We went (walking, no not running, Rob. ) from Montparnasse and its awful black tower

Straight to the North,

We passed Saint Germain Des Prés

then, we crossed the Seine,

arrived at the Louvre

Palais Royal, subway station, funny, no?

Usually they're just like this one :

we followed avenue de l'Opéra,

arrived to the Opéra
then took the subway to turn home.

I took those pictures during our walk.

What would you prefer ?
This, very well-known
Or these one, so welcoming

I remind you

or this.

My choice is already done.

I'm really a NoLife to think bringing back pictures for you?!!

Or, I love my city. That's it. I really love my city.