mercredi 18 juin 2008


Here, the screamer of today.

Nothing is better than sport to make " National identity" appears.

We see many flags on windows.

Please, take in your flags from your windows!

At the terrase of the café down my house. The match brings crowd even late in the evening. We hear supporters shouting at each important moment (and we live at the 6th floor!)

You know what is funniest? It's that journalists and supporters are searching for people in charge of the shutout! They're so unfair that they can't imagine that other teams are better.

You, Portuguese, you can leave it, longer! Bravo!

All these pictures have been taken from my own window, in my street.

Italian, you can let the wind blows yours (thanks to us, French)

If you want to hear your own Anthem sung by French people, with a nice black and white video of Paris, follow this link at the end of Louis's post on The Frog Blog of Louis La Vache .

2 commentaires:

  1. So sad how the mighty have fallen, no?

    At least they made it to the tournament, unlike the English. :)

    You know you have to smile for that.

    On to South Africa 2010!

  2. You live on the 6th floor??!! I can't imagine (I know I totally missed the point of this post, but the 6th floor was a bit shocking to me!) My house has 3 floors. I guess people in big cities here live on 'floors', but I can't imagine it with kids. Please share pictures of your home :)