dimanche 29 juin 2008


When we don't get much money to spend, we practice this activity of walking around an area of Paris which is free, but is really worth it.

Do you want to come with us today for a walk in Paris? Come and follow me this way,
no, this way, . . . .. . . wait a minute, I can't remember, I'm lost ?

We are in the historical center, Place des Vosges, 4th arrondissement.
I let you admiring the style instead of discribing it with words
The neighborhood is historic, and also very alive even on Sunday. Many old food-shops have been bought by great brands of fashion. Fortunately they conserved the storefront. Look :

an old frontshop of a butcher .

There is a big community of French jewish population. Many shops are specialized. I show you. Some of this community are jew-orthodox.

During WW2, wealth of many jews were stolen. All the paintings that have been recovered a long time after war, and non reclaimed by relatives are exposed here.

'This paintings belonged to who?'

Funny name for a street : Street of the 'step' of the mule.

A frontshop : 'Yesterday for Tomorrow'

These places are just very parisian. Not absolutly the essential when people come and visit Paris, but they get a 'soul' as we say here, an atmosphere.

That's all for today. I'll show you many more, later. Rest your eyes from so much beauty! ; )

9 commentaires:

  1. I totally love the tour!! And the best is my feet don't even hurt!!!

  2. You walk a lot there. Is that no life?

  3. That's interesting ! Thank you for your comment on my travel blog. I am actually in Italy at the Garda lake !

  4. When "Louis" lived in Paris, he lived in the 4 ème, on rue-Saint-Antoine. He knows exactly where many of the places are in your images. One of his favorite places in Paris is Place des Vosges.

    "Louis" thanks you for your visit.
    He is up to his cowbell in work for the next few weeks, so he won't be commenting as often, but he will be visiting!

    À bientôt!

  5. It certainly is beautiful! The pictures show just how charming it is there. Lovely! Your tour is so much fun!

  6. Oh we went to the Place des Vosges,
    I loved it but then I love it all.
    thanks for the tour.

  7. Thank you for the tour and the history!

  8. These posts are very interesting documentaries: with some nice photos you well describe a part of the town, the building in which you live, etc. Excellent!

  9. The post with the arrows in all different directions is a bit odd to me, but perhaps in the US if we had those we wouldn't be lost as much as we are :) great tour! I really love the storefronts. So quaint!