lundi 9 juin 2008


Don't forget to turn off the playlist.

This is for Rachel at Between Stupid and Clever, I don't remember if it's at the beginning or as a conclusion of the Woody Allen's movie Matchpoint but that's one of my favorite of him as a director, it sounds like a fable.
An other favorite is Mighty Aphrodithe.

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  1. I loved Matchpoint. Really chilling, actually. I would have to say that my very favorite Woody Allen film is "Interiors". It was a serious film. It was filmed almost entirely in my hometown of Southampton, New York. The house it was filmed in was my favorite house and it was built on the beach where I spent many Summers swimming.

    And you are correct that I have a very European soul. My ancestry is mostly English, Scottish, Irish, and a wee bit French and Dutch. Two famous ancestors of mine are the British Cavalier poet: Sir Robert Herrick and a close friend of William the Conquerer, Robert de Pierpont (of France), who fought with him in the Battle of Hastings.

    My hometown, Southampton, New York, is the first English settlement of New York state, settled in 1640, and my mom's family, the Herricks, arrived there in 1653, from England. I think that's why I have such a thing for the British. :-)

  2. I am also a great fan of Woody Allen..
    I like them even more,since I am leaving in NY, He has such a good eye to describe people and show Manhattan..
    My favorite must be "Hannah and her sisters "
    and when I am down ..I love to watch "Manhattan murder mysteries" have a good laugh
    And Also!!! I enjoy his music choice!!
    Hummmm...I think I could go on Forever!!
    Have a good WE

  3. Loved the video you showed. And that is so true about luck, isn't it?