dimanche 22 juin 2008


Yesterday, my husband and I took a walk in Paris.
It was smelling air polution due to the heat. But it was fine, regardless.
We went (walking, no not running, Rob. ) from Montparnasse and its awful black tower

Straight to the North,

We passed Saint Germain Des Prés

then, we crossed the Seine,

arrived at the Louvre

Palais Royal, subway station, funny, no?

Usually they're just like this one :

we followed avenue de l'Opéra,

arrived to the Opéra
then took the subway to turn home.

I took those pictures during our walk.

What would you prefer ?
This, very well-known
Or these one, so welcoming

I remind you

or this.

My choice is already done.

I'm really a NoLife to think bringing back pictures for you?!!

Or, I love my city. That's it. I really love my city.

12 commentaires:

  1. These are wonderful photos of a beautiful place. You have transported me to your beautiful country and made it familiar with my favorite beverage!

  2. Thank you SO much for those pictures! Awsome, my daughter was reminscing looking at those pics when she was on vacationt there! So beautiful! Thanks again.

  3. It's a bright idea to take photos of your walk in Paris! It's really a nice and interesting sequence.

  4. Thanks for the trip around Paris. I´ve been there many times and I like it, even though I haven´t seen all of it.

    Nolife...I think it´s good to get the pics out there. What would you do with them otherwise? They would be just lying on a harddrive somewhere and never to be seen.

  5. Catherine, thank you that brought back so many wonderful memories of our visit to Paris last year. We stayed near Montpannasse and did exactly the same walk. As for Starbucks Burch! Debs x

  6. I loved going on a walk with you through Paris! Beautiful pictures!

    I love everyone cooling their feet in the fountain in front of the Louvre.

    And, your cafes look very inviting, moreso than the Starbucks, no matter how much I love their Chai teas. :o)

  7. Beautiful photos from your walk in Paris :)

  8. You chose a beautiful day to walk in the Paris streets....
    and I really apreciate the so called "Nolife" took some time to share some photos with us.
    I really can picture myself,sitting in one of those French cafe ,
    sipping a Vittel menthe and watching the Parisians walking by...
    Thank you for this nice little pause.

  9. Thanks for this walk in Paris.

  10. Thanks for the walk...that was lovely...just get me some bread and cheese and a nice cappucino in a sweet little sidewalk cafe. I liked the two maggots!

    Added you to my list finally...
    Blessings, EJT

  11. The pictures are beautiful. I don't blame you one bit for loving your city. The one time I visited it (1984!) I loved it too.


  12. OK, throw a blanket and a pillow on the floor and get ready for a visitor because by hook or crook, some day I'M COMIN'! ;o) In the mean time, though, please keep sharing these wonderful glimpses into your world. xoxoxo