mercredi 4 juin 2008


Among tournaments of the Grand Slam of Tennis, actually, there is the French Open, "Les Internationaux de France of Roland Garros".
A long time ago, when I was bachelorette, all my free time was devoted to activities I had chosen, among many interests I had in life, one of these was Tennis.At this time, I knew every details of this sport. The player I appreciated the most was John McEnroe. With no particular athletic predispositions, he had the Vision, the vision of the tennis court, the Vision of what will do his adversary. He had the premonition, maybe because he was lefthanded, he had the 10th of second that lacked to the other player.
He played with his head. According me, it was a real pleasure to watch him playing.

I remembered watching an interview of his double partner Peter Fleming, who was also one of McEnroe's friends, telling that most of all he was "loyal". I never forget this word. In fact, MacEnroe could play with an other star of Tennis to win more matches, but he prefered to play with his friend. That is the heart of Friendship feeling.

He was also famous for his anger on the court. I think it was a personage he created for the show.
So, today , since he is no more on the court, except to comment a match, I choose this wink to remind him. (Turn off the playlist)

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  1. I have to agree with Mr. MacEnroe, the car was clearly on the line.

    Loved watching that "brat" play tennis, although I still liked Jimmy Connors more. :)

  2. Catherine, you would very much enjoy Pâtisserie Philippe! His creations taste as good as they look!

    On another post, you asked about the current in the Bay - that was from the tide rather than from another boat passing by.

    And on the Friday Sky Watch post you asked if that was a storm by the Golden Gate Bridge - it was just typical San Francisco brouillard!
    "Louis" thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  3. Nice video. I loved watching John McEnroe play when I was growing up. I used to play tennis a few times a week. My knee doesn’t allow it now.
    I’ve been watching the French Open a lot this week and last. I’m rooting for the Spaniard Nadal, is that ok?

    For what its worth:

    Bachelor is masculine
    Bachelorette is feminine

  4. John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, those were the days when there was real personalities. Now there are just a bunch of corporate mannequins. I can´t name a single one of them.