samedi 31 mai 2008


Today, I thought of you. I knew I was going to the Galeries Lafayette and at the Printemps so I took my camera, I played the tourist, and . . . .
what? Buying something for you? Well, . . . . .I 've forgotten your size.
Next time, maybe, if I don't forget my credit card. Or if my banker let me use it.

Anyway, in opposition to most of the French people, I'm not chauvinistic at all, and I affirm that these department stores are two of the most marvelous in the world, ( I would add Harrods in London). They are the temple of fashion and tend by their items. But the buildings by themselves are old fashion and splendid, inside and outside, from basement to their respective terrace.

Boulevard Haussmann, both department stores side by side

The Dome of the Galeries Lafayette

Ground floor, Perfumery

I have been a little bit compeled to post by For The People, so, would you be so kind as to give me an explanation in the comment part, pleeaase . See how we are well-educated!
By we, I mean French people, I don't speak of myself saying "we". Not yet!
That deserves comments, no?

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  1. Catherine, si vous n'etes pas "chauvinistic," vous etes "educated"!

    Merci pour les photos!

    (Minor English correction: It would be, "I knew I was going..."

    Avez un bon jour!

  2. How very kind of you to think of me, Catherine!! So, sad you forgot my size. I like to forget my size too!! I wish it were smaller!!

    The buildings are absolutely beautiful!!

    Isn't it fun to be a tourist in your own city???

  3. Large is good for me, thanks! Paris- t-shirt would be nice. When should it be in my mailbox?

    That ceiling pic is almost surreal. I love that.

  4. Just one word from this US friend....WOW!!! Ok maybe a few more words...that is amazing. It sure isn't Walmart!

  5. Hi Catherine! I'm still alive. I keep thinking I should get on and write to you after your last comment. I'm SO sorry! I'm really going to try to keep up with my blog again. Forgive me! Thanks for thinking of me!

  6. I will send you my sizes for the next time you go shopping. Do those stores have running shoes? Probably no.

    Those buildings are fantastic. The only thing uglier than our Department Stores are our Churches

  7. Je vous remercie pour toutes les récentes visites et les commentaires sur mien blog. Je suis très heureux que mon site soit de le vôtre interesse et aussij'apprécie l'intention de vouloir voir "de plus près" ma ville. Je m'souhaite de réussir encore à catalyser votre attention avec miens posts. Vous habitez dans une ville magique.

  8. Kalynne, vos commentaires sont toujours les bienvenus! Merci

    Cindy, yes it ws a weird sensation to act like a tourist, that way, I realized they were so many on every level taking photographies. I hadn't notice them before!

    Chrome 3D, I knew you would be interested in the ceiling, what else could?
    And stop asking for something each time I go shopping, you're worst than my little son!

    Jacque, you find the right word ; wow! Even myself, I keep being astonished when I still pay attention.

    Melissa, you reassure me!

    Rob, I know your running shoes size yet, who could ignore it! And for information, there's an entire modern building dedicated to sportwears! A very, very expensive one! Do not ask for anything, you hear me?

    I'm sure you know these 2 depatment stores. But reading your blog, I'm sure you're more interested in monuments, history, and museum! And you're right.

  9. What a lovely store. I would go there just to admire the view, I think.

    Playing tourist in your own town looks fun! I may have to give it a try.