mardi 13 mai 2008


Here, it's Tuesday. 2 days after Pentecost. Did we work yesterday, Monday ?
No, of course.
Monday was a day-off. As before the revolution they celebrated the Pentecost the entire week following the Pentecost Sunday, they kept one day-off . It 's always here, for our best satisfaction. French are so appreciated for their days-off calendar!

Your Blogging Type is Social and Responsible

You enjoy blogging and do all you can to advance the blogging community.
From helping friends set up blogs to getting rid of spam - you take a leadership role.
A super blogger, you tend to blog regularly. You'd hate to disappoint your audience.
And always appropriate, there's no way you'd blog something too personal!

I've tried to find a translation for " to blog" in french, And I find : blog (internet) - the same word in French. We haven't already invented a word to avoid the Anglicism. Conclusion : there's not even a word in French to give a definition.

You were answering Jules in your blog Just Because if we tell others we 're blogging. No question, in France. It depends on who you're telling it. After 50 years old, they think you're telling them you're suffering of a weird sickness, before, they think you form part of the teenager's community, those, you know, who get thumbs-up-pictures in their blog, you try to enter the community desperately.

Why do we blog? That's also the question Kalynne is answering in her blog
"The Philosopher Mom" in this post..

Why do I blog? I wonder what are the reasons that compel me to blog daily? What is this strange attraction which make me installing myself in front my screen , again and again, day after day. Because I've done every domestic chores, my home is absolutely tidy, and children are playing kindly with one another, having finished their homework with no difficulties at all . I'm that home goddess you thought, I wouldn't blog otherwise.

Why do I pass so many time discussing via blogs? What? you think I'm boring to death at home as a SAHM. I don't get exactly enough free time to be bored. I try to manage time, to keep blogging without encroaching upon my time family. The balance is very hard to find.
We all get reasons, they're all different :

- Some do it to practice their literary skill, and need readers for it
No literary skill concerning me. As I blog in english, and my vocabulary is as extended as a 4 years old native english, I don't form part of this category. That's sure. Maybe reading your blog would improve my english but we're speaking of "writing"and not "reading".

Those blogs are like wonderful show windows of famous Department stores, you comment outside, but don't dare to enter. So you just leave a comment . Too bad,
I don't play in their playground!

- Some others, because they're immensly gifted with too much humor.
Oh yes, this one, each blogger desires to be included in it with or no literary skill.
( I wonder if my humor is connected to your american turn of mind. I feel constantly obliged to add : ) to warm I'm kidding. I warm myself from going too far. I'm not at home, just guest.)

In these shops, there's sometimes so much crowds that the owner is too overwhelmed to adress a word to each customer. But I've found, by myself, some little shops around the corner that are well supplied with humor! No big-headed at all, not yet too much popular. Hope they will keep answering in the window-comment .
- Some consider their blog as a diary,
Isn't it the first meaning for blogging? A kind of link between far away family or friends and themselves.
Those little shops are really classical, and endearing. You come back, and become a regular customer. They're so similar to mine. There's a kind of solidarity. We sell the same items. It's heartwarming. I love these one too. You're never disappointed. A good client can become a friend.

- Some are searching for exchange
Not that kind of exchange, some bad thinking people could imagine, there are specialized blogs I guess with that aim . Here, I'm speaking about ideas exchange, discussions, gossips no need to be absolutly serious all the time, a kind of joust which is terrific without being never nasty when the 2 minds are on the same wavelenght. These blogs are for me. I'm better on commenting than writing by myself an article. I'm frightfully chatty, sometimes my comments are as long as the post itself!

That's International World Trade. I import, you export. the great Exhibition! We swap. They give me addresses, we extend our net. Good for everybody. I'm even writing in English comments on an english owner's blog who lives in France. If that's not International Trade!
- Others unburden their mind

Less expensive than psychologist and no need of appointments, readers, may I say "hearers", are always available. Furthermore, they're, without fail, compassionate.

- There are well equipped blogs
The two who have found me with their trackers. a kind of alarm system. Do you have heard "La Marseillaise" (our national hymn, give ear in Olympic games, you will hear it maybe once in fencing, if you don't have fallen asleep before) when I passed around. The kind of blog which get all the technology.

Both of them has come on their doorstep shop and invited me to enter . I thank them with all my heart, I would have been too shy to make the first step inside. Both are Kalynne "The Philosopher Mom" (link above) and The Mom from "Shoved to Them"

Why do I purchase in a foreigner country? I told Kalynne in her post, it was by "Exotism". In fact, I prefer to discover you than discussing with well-known fellow creatures. Attraction of novelty. Besides I told you French people are not bloggers on heart except in particular theme. They're retail dealers. And as consumer, I want to do errands all at the same place.

What particular shop owner are you and why? Maybe all /many at once? Don't kid yourself.

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  1. Very good questions. I'm not sure why i blog. I like to think it will be around for many years and my children will be able to look back at it as a record/diary of our lifes.
    But I find myself just being silly on it and having fun for the most part. And enjoying the attention :)

    i will have to think about this some more and maybe write a post about why i blog.

  2. Great post, Catherine!! I think, I'm a combination of many different "shops'. First and foremost, my blog helps me stay in touch with my family. I also think it has helped my writing skills. I do sometimes have difficulty getting my thoughts down in writing. I have also loved the exchanged. I'm so happy to "meet" many wonderful people from all over the world! That includes you!!!

  3. I started blogging for friends and now have found a following of strangers, to whom I now feel a responsibility. My blog is a nature and travel blog, so it is a bit restricted.

    This was a good post. I enjoyed it. It really make me think.

    I found you through Sky Watch.

    Come visit my storm,

  4. Well nice post as always. And as for me..... the shop I'd have> Chocolate, of course. With a few stray children, friends, animals and laughter thrown in.

  5. I love the comparison of blogs to shops. Very clever! I guess I'm an exchanger. I started blogging to have a place to pour out all my joys and sorrows; all the weird and wonderful experiences that make up my life. I really feel that there is so much in my experience that others can learn from... even if it's just what NOT to do. LOL! Lately, though, it has become a place to also put my fears and to receive such an outpouring of love and support as I never ever dreamed possible. It's turned into a true gift for me.