mercredi 14 mai 2008


Ok, it's bad quality movie, but I couldn't put a spotlight on his head! Please, turn off the music on the right, like this, you will able to hear our delicious language : )

I will show you today how every single thing must be argued concerning Gabriel. From the morning, to the night, we have to justify ourselves to obtain what we want him to do.

This morning, I enter in Gabriel's bedroom.

me - "Gaby, it's time to wake up"

him - begining moving his hands, but not opening his eyes.

me - "Gaby it's time to go to school."

me again - "Do you hear me?"

him - "No !"

him - "No question! I don't care what you're telling me"

Here, Im not sure of the translation. No insolence just "I want to ignore what you're saying" I'm in fact used to know that they don't care what I say.

me - "You don't care what I'm saying? Want to see your friends ."I try to remind him the good side of going to school. What would you have said yourself?

him -"I want nothing, I don't wanna go to school."He doesn't want to follow me that way of the dialogue. Quite slick to come back to the essential, well tried Mom. The student is going to surpass the teacher.

me - "you're going to dress up"

him - "No I don't want to play with your friends" He gets one question late. I try again.. . .

me - "Do you want to eat something?"

him - "yes, . (Hourra! First Yes, situation is to be locked off). . . . .. a slide of bread with Nutella"

As once up, it'll be half the work done.

. . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . .

And finally,

me - "Do you love me?"

him - "yes"or more exactly "yesh"because of the pacifier, "oui-ch"

me - thinking, how I love that he answers with spontaneity , YES.

Guess who try? And finally, guess who win? Guess who arrived late at school and had to present her excuses to the teacher?

On every point, from the begining of the day to the end. But I can forgive everything after this yes.

7 commentaires:

  1. He is so precious! Ahhhh, the joy of being a mommy to boys :)

  2. Waking up is so hard to do!! Catherine, you stayed so patient with him!!

  3. Adorable little guy. French is so lovely sounding, I have to admit. I never learned it, because I thought Spanish was so much more useful here in the U.S. and especially Texas with so many Mexicans around. But, French is gorgeous.

    BTW, I LOVE nutella! I discovered it as a child while visiting Europe and it's just delicious.

  4. Aaaww you sound like a "Yummie Mummy." I don't think I would have the patience. Debs x

  5. Catherine,

    He is soooooo cute! Oh how I wish I had truly learned French is school. They teach languages in American schools all wrong. One of my best friends is from England and is fluent in Italian, as she was an Au Pair there for over a year. I loved listening to her speak to her daughters too.

    America doesn't start early enough with foreign language and doesn't immerse the kids in it. One just ends up with a lot of grammar rules stuck in their head and thus are barely able to communicate.

    What I think is funny is that you find Gaby as argumentative. I need to film my son Ben...he takes argumentative to a whole new level.


  6. Oh what memories that brings! My Twig was just like that. And food always got him up and going, too! I learned that if I woke him with a hot chocolate and some cinnamon toast he'd pop right up. Well, that and the fact that I started getting him into bed earlier. Oh, and that "Yes" STILL gets me every time.