lundi 9 juin 2008


This weekend one of the most important Italian Director is gone : DINO RISI
He is the author of extraordinary movies, comedies drama of the second half of 20th century.
My favorite will ever be Il Sorpasso (The Easy Life)

Italian, in their movies of the 60's knew to make fun of themselves and they did it with great Art. For example, I Mostri of Dino Risi. Look at this trailer. That's a story by itself without a word. Vittorio Gassman the Great

One of his most fabulous movie is Profumo di Donna,Scent Of A Woman

Grazie Dino Risi!

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  2. I love, love, love the Italian language! I don't have a bit of Italian in me, but I just adore it. One of my closest friends, who is from England, is fluent in Italian. She taught me some, but I just loved hearing her speak it to her daughter. What is funny is she isn't Italian either, but a mix of a British dad and a Chinese mom.

    They made a Scent of A Woman remake in the States about 10 years back with Al Pacino. I really loved it, but now I need to see the original.

  3. I must say I like your movie Taste!!!
    Same as mine!!!!