samedi 28 juin 2008


This post is for Jacque , to let her (and you) appreciate how we feel when we live in altitude, 6th floors from the ground.

Here, my building. This construction dates from 1903. This building made with cut-stone is typical from many arrondissements of Paris. They're called "immeuble Haussmannien". It means they date from the new plan of Paris by the Baron Haussmann who wanted to design a new modern town in the end of the 19th century.
You see that open window, it's ours.

From the ground, we don't even see the flowers.

From left ........and right side, those windows at the balcony.

View at the West............and East

The green cross above is a drugstore/pharmacy.

From above, see the street and its little ants, other parisians.

Look at those beautiful suspended gardens, the red one in the foreground is ours, at the boys'bedroom.

Let's see farther. Do you note that little cross behind the chimneys? It"s the spire of our church.

I can see this corner of our Church from my balcony.

When I'm on the place, here, it is.

You can see the station of subway, the Kiosque where we can buy newspapers and periodicals on the left.

A carousel for little kids, on the right.

In front of the church, the city hall. Paris is divided in 20 arrondissements. Each gets his own city hall. The main one is the 1st arronissement.

A café in the place of the Church and the City Hall, and 2 entrances and issue of the Subway.

Note the European flag in front of our Official buildings, the Blue-White-Red in front of our city-hall.

This is a "Colonne Morris"serves since a century to present theater shows, or movie posters.

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  1. Your building is amazing! What a cool area to live in. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. What a fascinating post this is! I absolutely love that architecture. Your home is stunning. I don't live in the city, but if I had to, this would be one city I would enjoy. Perhaps I will get to visit someday. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful pictures! You live in a very cool place.

  4. This is lovely. What a nice picture essay. Looks like you have a wonderful view. But is it noisy? The traffic and all, I mean. Or are you high enough above the fray, that you tune it out? And what about hanging laundry out? I guess that's out too?

  5. I love these views. That cross above the chimney pots made my day. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the whole trip around the neighbourhood. I just wonder how much you need your car as you live in so urban place.

  7. I cannot even imagine living in a place so lovely and historic. It Houston, the only thought about the buildings is how much money they can make by knocking down the old ones and building new. We have so little of our history left.

    Thank you for sharing this. It is wonderful to see a little of where you live. xoxo

  8. Beautiful building! Great sky watch as well.

  9. We have just spent 5 wonderful days in Paris, beuatiful. We had such lovely view from the top of our hotel, I am not a city dweller but I really enjoy the views over Paris.

  10. As the previous post "walk in Paris, I enjoy this post!
    You live in a very nice building with a splendid view. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Catherine, thanks so much for sharing you home with us! How fun to live in a big city!! It is amazing to think that your building is over 100 years old!! It looks like you have the nicest balcony on the building.

  12. "Louis" really likes the Haussmann-era buildings in Paris. Here is his histoire de Baron Haussmann

  13. I don't know how I missed this post...And it was for me :) This is SO fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. I don't care for high places much so it was a bit scary to look over your balcony, but VERY beautiful. I'll have to share some pictures of my 'plain jane' neighborhood. You'll be amazed at the differences!