samedi 30 août 2008


Yes, one can !!!! You thought it was unrealizable, but I'm a living example, I succeeded in living without blogging for a long, long period, without being bored.

At the begining of this great adventure of breaking Blogging addiction, I was looking with envy to those who were consulting Internet at Mac Donald's, the only place where one can find a free WIFI. (Entre nous, don't tell anybody that, yes, sometimes, I eat at Mac Donald's ). Typing with my fingers on the counter as if it was a keyboard.

First, you have to go away from you have to forget you sometimes act like a you must absolutely leave your at home - it would be too much temptation, it would be impossible to resist. Instead you take a pile of excellent, entertaining, absorbing best sellers

don't forget your children 'll be occupied on their own side.

and a
don't forget you have a blog waiting for you. You also need
Then you find a place a wonderful place .

I'm back in Paris, but still over there in my mind and memory.

I'm a little bit ashamed to confess that we, French, get so much time of holidays! 5 weeks by year in France, it's the legal holidays time, as my work schedule is based on the teachers'one, I get about 15 weeks by year. And it's completely legal.

I missed your blogs, your stories, your humor, your pictures, your skies. But my new occupations were worth it. Suddenly, I have had enough time to read, read , and read again. I had forgotten how pleasant it was to devour a book from the begining to the end in a few days. Books were my 'Internet Patches'. And it works!

Eclectic and entirely European writers!

Furthermore, I've lost a lot of my english vocabulary. Have you ever notice how quickly one can forget a foreign language without practising. Now I'm going to visit you, read your news, leave comments, little by little, I'll catch up. YOU will be my next readings, my autumn readings. It will be very pleasant too.

Are you all some kind of dealers? Your nice comments, witticisms, are just like an invitation to pass more time in front of my screen.

I feel I'm going to plunge back again! No will!

So, one can survive without Internet, but it would be a shame to do without when my friend WIFI is available to offer me its services as intermediary.

10 commentaires:

  1. Welcome back!!!

    I missed you and look so forward to hearing all about your time away.

    That is one thing that I wish we had here, for everyone, 5 weeks of vacation/holiday.

    So jealous, so busy. Looking forward to what you have to say.

    Welcome Back!!


  2. 5 weeks!?! It should be illegal! 15 weeks?!? we call that part time or a teacher :) Glad you're back!

  3. Very nice and lively post, Catherine!

  4. I don't agree, lol ! I would be bored to death without blogging, even during holidays. Usually around 4 or 5 I get fat up of the beach or visits and then I have to empty my heart on my blog with new pictures. Of course I am not working anymore and have plenty of time ! I wouldn't know what to do without it !

  5. Good for you! I will take your lead and log off now!

  6. Welcome Home!!!

    We missed you!!

    Post about your trip soon, ok?

  7. Yes, welcome back.
    I wish I could read like I used to but my eyes would give up on me. I only read a book when I get to bed now and instead of reading at least sixty books a year it is down to about sixteen.
    Very civilized holidays.

  8. Awesome post!! I need to heed your advice-- to answer you first impression I thought wow France --maybe she is a transplanted American I don't know why I thought that??? I guess i was looking for a reference point. Then I began to think I know this woman lives in a country a half a world away amongst beauty and art that are older than the entire country i live in and yet she seems so like myself--in dress -in wit- she takes similar photos --some of artistic beauty - some of nature- some of family but her love of what she is taking shows in her photos and I have fun seeing what i might see or Photograph if I lived in France.

  9. Well FINALLY you're back! Yay!
    I was a bit worried when I didn't hear from you FOREVER!!! LOL
    So glad you had a grand time though. And welcome back. :)

  10. Stieg Larsson is some of your book selections? Welcome back from holiday.