samedi 23 février 2008


Today, Gabriel offers me a present.

He drawed this, a girafe, always animals if you've read previously.

Today, he has added his name. All written, backwards. Letters after letters.

Do I have to worry about, Doctor?

I prefer smiling, and kiss my loving Gabriel.

4 commentaires:

  1. Ne vous inquietez pas, Catherine! Tout les enfants ecrivent d'arrier au debut. La giraffe est tres belle!

  2. What a beautiful gift. I love the giraffe. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your comments lifted my sunken spirit.

  3. Awe, how I love children's art work!! My daughter April was actually Lirpa for a while. She grew out of writing her name backwards. I would not worry!! Gabriel gave you a wonderful present, thanks for sharing!!

  4. What a lovely present - he does such beautiful drawings! As for writing his name backwards - just think - he got EVERY letter and they all look perfect. Okay, backwards, but perfect in every other way, right?

    It's something to treasure. N'est pas?