mardi 26 février 2008


When we don't get any topic to discuss about, we try speaking about weather, endless source of comments.

On saturday, we're leaving Paris. This couple of week, we're on holidays.

Like migratory birds, we'll go and search heat and sun.

No possible mistake, scientists confirm it : the only way to get good weather is to flee from Paris. (may I say to fly ?! from Paris)

I'll miss you, dear blogger-friends, but I won't miss those grey clouds .

I want to thanks Cindy from Small things who has come to see my blog in reference to a post I wrote concerning genealogic researches.
Reading her blog, I've discovered her deep interest for her ancestors, interest that I share with her. So I decided to take back my own researches where I had leaved them. I realized that some archives have been filed, and public can have access to these new databases by Internet. Thanks to Cindy who reawaken my curiosity, I found new ancestors.

After that, I got back to my blog, and .....what? Write? No! I listened music. That's a great "danger"for me, setting a blog in music. As watching a movie, when I listen to music, I stop any other activity. I listen to song lyrics with french songs, and in english, I try to undestand.
That's where I was digressing : I can understand you (except when you use very particular expression, or "first letters" I ignore), You understand my english with my mistakes. Because all is written, or read.
And if it was spoken! Wouldn't be so easy. I would lost half of my undestanding! I figure out this with songs in english.
Concerning this, when I read lyrics, I sometimes wonder whether it wouldn't be better not to understand. Why? Because, sometimes, I think that, even with the translation, the song has no interest, except for the music. No, no, no, I won't give name.
I will leave you with this thought : How many years to have a complete mastery of a language?
And what do we understand with complete, is it understand a language in a common life-context? or understanding as an english/french native?
I want also thank Gabriel for his participation as an illustrator. He'isn't Tasha Tudor, but I'm proud of his vision... as a mother.

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  1. Catherine, I love reading your blog! I hope you have an enjoyable holiday. Where I live we have had sunny 70 degree Fahrenheit weather this week. I know I'm spoiled. But in summer time we have cold foggy weather!!

    I wish you well in starting again the search for your ancestors!! It's always amazing to open those letters and find treasures inside!!

    I think you are doing wonderful with your English. I wish I could speak/write in another language.