dimanche 9 mars 2008


On the Italian side of the border ; VENTIMIGLIA , the "little sister of Menton". Architecture and foundation are the same. Their principal church overlooks the 2 cities. Both cities are encircled by the sea at the South, and montains at the North.

At this time of year, Ventimiglia is preparing Pâques (Easter).

Who do you think has won at this game?

Game over, Olivier, your shoes are wet now.

Nature wins for sure. Never overestimate yourself, Olivier.

75th Lemon feast of Menton, each February.

"For real" in the city, every where orange trees

Also Mimosa

And palm trees every where.

What a chance to have one big brother

and one big sister

5 commentaires:

  1. I love the lemon feast (fete des limons?). Pardon my French, but it's been at least twenty years (um... maybe more) since I've had to use it, let alone write it.

    I bet it smelled WONDERFUL. You are so lucky that you have these beautiful places so near to you. *sigh*
    History at your fingertips, non?

  2. "Fête des Citrons".
    A kind of Carnival feast with floats. Simple and pleasant for children!
    You also learn French as Kalyne! Félicitations, it pleases me knowing we get something in common.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Catherine. I love all the lemon sculptures!! And the seashore looks lovely. I hear that in Europe people love Nutella as much as American's love peanut butter!! I should try some!!

  4. Oh, YES. My sons like Nutlla, they even eat it with a spoon right in the Nutella pot. Yummy, but bad for kilograms! Happy you noted it.

  5. Actually they do sell Nutella in the states. My kids found it in the grocery store here, and wouldn't you know it, it's one of their FAVORITE foods.

    And isn't it lovely for the teeth AND the weight?