dimanche 16 mars 2008


Yesterday, it was Olivier's birthday. Thirteen years.

All of us love your beautiful mind, your sense of friendship, loyalty.

We simply love you, infinitely, and for ever.

5 commentaires:

  1. Well Olivier... Happy, Happy Birthday.
    (picture songs and balloons here)

    I hope you had a wonderful one!

    Did you do something special to celebrate it?

  2. Happy belated Birthday Olivier!! May your days be filled with happiness and joy.

  3. Happy Birthday Olivier!! I hope you had a special day!!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Olivier! 13 is a kind of a hard year for lots of boys. Just remember that above all else that ever goes on in your life, your Mom loves you and will be there for you like no one else. Trust her when times get rough and she will help you through. I hope your day was a joyous one, and that the coming year brings lots of fun and more blessings than you could have ever imagined. xoxoxo

  5. Thanks you all for your best american wishes, I know you're all specialists concerning "sons". Especially Cindy and Damama who can give me advices for years to come.
    Your comment, Damama, is right and just. I don't think Olivier is conscious of that infinite and deep love mothers feel for their children, but, unconsciously, I know he knows he can trust at anytime of his life, I and his father will always be present at his side. Later, as her sister now, when time of insouciance will pass, he will be aware of this strenght we will share.
    Nothing can weaken this filial love, neither"bad" deeds nor "wrong" choices. We'll never excuse them, but we'll always try to show him the "good" ways to live. This love is just like the Jesus love for us, with all my humility and without any pretension.