dimanche 23 mars 2008


I found this advertising, yesterday, when I was in the subway. Posters cover walls of the metro station.

With 5 words and simplicity, Gandhi's life is completely summarize.
"Le point de vue le plus simple est toujours le meilleur"
"The easiest point of view is always the best"

Charles CHAPLIN "My Autobiography"
In an advertising/artistically side, I find it successful.



Resistance fighter


Peace keeper

People are full of human resource

Now, concerning the use of the image of Gandhi by a company, I can understand the polemic.
But, given I'm always searching the positive aspect in adversity, I prefer just concidering the artitic side of it.

By the way, what is the link between GANDHI and CHAPLIN, randomly?

They are both principal characters of movies directed by Richard ATTENBOROUGH.

Two interesting and talented filmed biographies. If you haven't already seen them, find the DVD.

2 commentaires:

  1. I'll just have to go do that! LOL!

    I really don't like it when companies use people like Gandhi to promote their own gain. It is so contrary to his mission and the meaning in his life.

  2. You will make me feel guilt and remorse to "convey" this image of Gandhi with those promotional purposes. So, I've found a way to hide the brand. Damama, once again you're right. Do you get as much wisdom as Gandhi ? ;)
    You noticed it, they forget this primary word to illustrate Gandhi's life : WISDOM.
    Very fortunate to find a new blog interlocutor as you, Damama. On the same wavelength, aren't we?