samedi 15 mars 2008

'Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?'

Here, a present from my daughter : his little brother's falsified picture.
A kind of Dorian Gray mystery.

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  1. Wow! Comment a-t-elle fait cela?

    (Gabriel est un beau garcon.)

  2. Hi, Catherine. I see you everywhere and I wanted to pop over and tell you how impressed I am with how your English seems to be improving with every comment I see.

    I'm so glad I came today because I LOVE that picture! What a wonderfully accurate portrayal of the true nature of little boys! LOL!

    I'm going to look around a bit and see what other treasures are hidden here with the five of you!

  3. lynnes : thanks for coming and seing. And yes I'm very proud of the both, my daughter's"art" and her "model".
    Damama : I "cross your way" on many blogs, I even went to read yours as I like your comments everywhere you pass. Thanks to write also on mine, (very proud of it).

  4. I am HUGELY impressed by your daughter's talent. This is a really lovely photo.

  5. Thanks Jules, I pass your congratulations.
    Alexandra is very proud to receive so many positive comments