vendredi 9 janvier 2009


I presented you last week one of the many stairs of Montmartre
Here, some others. They're very typical of this area of Paris.
Various ways to reach the hill of Montmartre.
Voici d'autres escaliers; Ils sont typiques de ce quartier de Paris
Différentes façons d'escalader la colline de Montmartre.

To go down.
Pour descendre

To bring upstairs or to the metro at the mid-distance.

Pour monter ou prendre le métro à la moitié de l'escalier

Or just climbing by the paved street

Ou juste monter par les rues pavées

For those who are very lazy, there's a special funicular/ cable-sar to help them climbing.

Pour ceux qui sont vraiment paresseux, le funiculaire pour les aider à faire l'ascension.

Or you can take it easy, and sit down on the steps hearing at musicians in front of the Sacré Coeur at the beginning of the night.

Ou vous pouvez vous reposer et vous asseoir sur les marches en écoutant les musiciens devant le Sacré Coeur au début de la nuit.

Olivier, Alexandra, Laura, Eva.

Applaud kids, musicians are talented.

Applaudissez les enfants, les musiciens sont bons.

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  1. Those stairs remind me so much of New york city and Washington DC but we have nothing like that here thats great for keeping in shape

  2. One could get a lot of exercise there! We have people who walk the mall to get fit. Are there people who use the steps that way?

    Nice pics!

  3. Fine and interesting post, Catherine. I climbed those stairs many years ago! It's a fantastic area of Paris. I'm thinking of Place du Tertre: it's so picturesque (yes, there are the painters!) and pleasant: you certainly have beautiful photos of it, haven't you? Or perhaps you've already post them in the past.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. That looks like a lot of exercise on one walk! But what a beautiful walk it would be...such a lovely city you live in. :)

  5. Yes, Stephen is our youngest. And now our largest... just. Rhodri is big too.
    Perhaps those steps would keep them slimmer.

  6. That could definitely be a picturesque way of losing those Christmas kilos..the view from the top would be motivating.

  7. OMG I hope they have an emergency room at the top of the stairs for me!

  8. J'ai marche' ces steps en 2004..ah, je voudrais revenir a Paris!

    J'aime beaucoup votre ville ~

  9. What a view. If I had to climb down those stairs, I'd have a firm grip on the rail!

  10. Gosh, I remember well, climbing those steps!
    Always enjoyed wondering around Montmatre & taking in the view from Sacre' Coeur.

    Best wishes

  11. Mon dieu ! what souvenirs my poor legs ! I stayed 2 weeks with a girlfriend in Paris to help her moving into a new appartment and of course we went there several times !

  12. These stair remind me of ones they have in San Francisco. I used to love to climb them.

  13. Bonjour Catherine,
    J'etais heureuse de recevoir votre commentaires a mon blog.

    Merci pour votre visite, et j'espere que vous aimez ce que je poste.

    Je suis heureuse aussi que vous suivez mon blog. Merci encore une fois.
    How is my Francais?
    I am winging it, as we say. ;-)

    A bientot

  14. Contente de revoir ce quartier ou j'ai habite pendant trois ans...
    de tres bons souvenirs!!

  15. c'est vrai que cela fait une belle montée, mais c'est plus agréable que le funiculaire. On a vraiment une superbe vue quand on est au sacre chœur. (dommage que les photos soient interdites a l'intérieur)

  16. "Louis" knows exactly where these stairs are - and he's both climbed them and photographed them!

    "Louis" has been so busy with his new espresso shop, he's had little time to visit. He hopes the new year is off to a good start for you!

  17. thta's a good place to do exercise...i'd probably end up dragging myself afterwards.

  18. Beautiful. I would love someday to see Sacre Coeur myself. I have a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart...
    Blessings, E