samedi 20 décembre 2008


Between this postal card ( sent in 1907) and my today picture, a hundred years passed.
And nothing has changed. My City Hall is exactly the same as 100 years ago, the building disposition is the same.
Behind the trees on the right, our chuch, which is also in front of the City Hall.
The hamlet of Clignancourt and the Montmartre area are attached to town of Paris in 1860 the city Hall has been built at this occasion. Previously, they were just independent.
Have you noticed that the drugstore is still here on the left?

Entre cette carte postale de 1907 et ma photo d'aujourd'hui, 100 années ont passé.
Et rien n'a changé. Ma mairie du XVIIIème est exactement la même , la disposition des immeubles autour n'a pas été modifiée.
Derrière les arbres sur la droite, se situe notre église.
Le hameau de Clignancourt et le quartier de Montmartre ont été rattachés à la commune de Paris en 1860 , le batiment a été consruit à cette occasion. Aupavant, ces 2 quartiers étaient juste indépendants.
Avez vous remarquez que la pharmacie est toujours en place à gauche?

7 commentaires:

  1. I love that it has stayed so much like it was 100 years ago. How neat that you have that postcard!

  2. Très intéressant, Catherine. Mais sur la carte postale il y a un petit clocher sur l'horloge du bâtiment central, dans la photo d'aujourd'hui le clocher n'est plus là! Pourquoi?

  3. A great pair ! I love this type of post.
    Is the Pharmacy still there? I see the tower has gone - perhaps all the traffic vibration got the better of it. Or First War bombardment by Big Bertha.
    I have postcards of a similar age but can't do the comparison because I am not in Swansea.

  4. Catherine when I visited Paris this past autumn I felt it was an
    "outside museum" with all the restored structures!
    May the Spirit of Christmas leave its rich blessings in the hearts of you and yours. NG :)

  5. I love that postcard, with postmark and all. Where ever did you find it!! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I've bought it at the flea market, Cindy

  7. My grandfather collected postcards, most of which were of old buildings. I have some of them here, but can't remember if they are local ones. If they are local, I may do what you did. This was a fun post!