dimanche 28 décembre 2008


Let me introduce you my great-grand-father Emile Mardon.
He was born the 3rd of March 1878 in Arras, North of France.
In his family, they were all pit workers.

Laissez moi vous présenter mon arrière grand-père Emile Mardon.
Il naquit le 3 Mars 1878 à coté d'Arras.
Il était d'une famille de mineurs.

He had no choice and was compeled to participate to WWI where he survived to the slaughter of Verdun.
Look closely to his sweet-looking man. His eyes don't deceive. He was a very kind man, gentle.
Il n'eut pas le choix, et fut obligé de participer à la Première Guerre Mondiale où il survecu à la boucherie de Verdun.
Regardez plus près à cet homme au regard doux. Ses yeux ne trompent pas. Il était un homme très gentil et attentionné.

Here, you can find him in this picture, just behind the 2 children.
Sur cette photo, il se trouve derrière les 2 jeunes enfants.

After war, in the civil life, he was a typographer-worker. (The man in black without hat)

Après la guerre, dans la vie civile, il était ouvrier typographe. (L'homme en gris sans chapeau)

He married Helène Challange on 1904.
And had a girl Lucie who was my grand-mother on my mother side.
Il épousa Hélène Challange en 1904.
Et eut une fille Lucie qui était ma grand-mère maternelle.

At the end of his life.
He didn't lose his wonderful kind look during all his life.
Listening to those in my family who knew him, I regret not to have had the privilege to meet him.

A la fin de sa vie.
Il ne perdit pas son merveilleux et doux regard de toute sa vie.
Ayant écouté ceux de ma famille qui l'ont connu, je regrette de ne pas avoir eu le privilège de le connaître.

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  1. Quite a tribute you've made here, and one I'm sure is well deserved. Arras figures prominently in my favorite play of all time, Cyrano de Bergerac so I feel a sort of kinship with its people.

    To answer your question, the rail car in my photo has no European ties that I know of. I photographed it sitting in what appears to be an abandoned siding in my hometown of Raleigh (NC, USA).

  2. A wonderful tribute. It's wonderful that you have the old photos.

  3. He does look like a very kind man. How nice that you have photos of him and that you can pass these stories on to your children.

  4. Lovely post Catherine, he certainly lives on in your heart.

  5. This is a lovely tribute to an obviously very kind man. I love old pictures and enjoy hearing the stories about the people. Wouldn't it be nice to meet them?

    Vincennes, Indiana was once called New France and is the oldest city in Indiana, established in 1732. It is a couple of hours from Paris, Illinois...nothing like Paris France, I'm sure!

  6. This was such a wonderful tribute to your ancestor and the images look wonderful.

  7. That's wonderful, Catherine. That he survived Verdun,,, where the pouilleux(?) baa-ed like sheep when being marched up the line. Heroic.

    I took my pic in October - in my world that is recent. The birds were today.

  8. I very much enjoy the first and last of the pictures. M.Mardon looks the part of an elegant gentleman. Yes, a man of style and class. With the look only seen of a man dressed in a suit. What a guy!
    (de Babelfish)
    J'apprécie beaucoup le premier et dernier des images. M.Mardon regarde la partie d'un monsieur élégant. Oui, un homme de modèle et classe. Le regard seulement étant vu d'un homme s'est habillé dans un costume. Quel type !

  9. What fantastic photographs of a wonderful gentleman. Your tribute is perfect for Monochrome Monday thank you for sharing with us.

  10. What great old family photos and a wonderful tribute

  11. Catherine, you have kept very well these beautiful old photographs. This post is first of all a great tribute to your kind grand-father and also a fine choice for Monochrome Monday.

  12. What wonderful old photos. I'm so glad you shared them!

  13. That was a wonderful tribute to your ancestor. I have never done a monochrome Monday, but I enjoy seeing what others do with it.

    Happy New Year, and I hope your family is doing well.


  14. Wonderful pictures. I am so jealous that you know so much about your family's history. Thank you for sharing it with us.