mercredi 2 juillet 2008


Robert DoisneauThe 4 next photographies are from Robert Doisenau, a great, great pArtist-photographer

Today is the end of school year for my 3 children.
Let's 'take stock' (can I say that?) of this year of study for each of them.

These 4 next fantastics photographies are from Doisneau, a great, great artist

This one is more Alexandra.

I 'll begin with the older, Alexandra, who should give good example since she's the elder, but unfortunately, (nothing to see with fortune in fact, it's all her fault) won't go next year in the higher class. Her grades were not enough good. She is in 2d (10th grade for you if I believe a class level equivalency) and will be 16 in 8 days!

This class is very hard for most of the teenagers, it's a transition class, at this level, students don't learn "by heart" anymore, their teachers ask for self-research, a thought process involving completely her mind, and she hasn't got this new way to learn, maybe she's not enough mature concerning studies. And most of all, she's lazy concerning studies. She get the sense of work, but only for what interests her.

So, as soon as she hasn't understood that she must work harder than what it is asked by each of her professor when she goes home, she won't be able to progress. We and her professors are waiting for a miracle. Maybe, next year.....

Robert Doisneau

What is conforting me is that many students repeat this 10th grade class level, here. Many of her previous classmates from the college will repeat. Maybe that previous school wasn't so good. And she's certainly LAZY, furthermore.

I prefer that she repeats one more year, than trying to continue, having hard times. And she's so 'open' that she'll easily make new friends, that's not a problem for her.

Robert Doisneau

This one is Olivier style.

Olivier has always worked correctly, I just have to control his work. He got good grades, without me helping him all the time (as it was with Alex.). He'll enter in 8th grade next year. He doesn't like particularly school, but he gets the will to 'win' good grades, it's like a game for him. As younger, he's proud to work better than his sister. A revenge to be the youngest child, I guess.

a Cartier-Bresson's photography to illustrate Gabriel's mind.

Gabriel as yet 2 years of 'Maternelle' behind him (Prescholl and pre-K), next year he will enter in Kindergarten at 4. First year, to have an idea of what is school, second year (this one passed) he went to others, he made a lot of friends, he opened himself to others, that was a great progress for him. Concerning study by itself, he wrote his name from right to left, he's lefthanded, and don't know to cut with scissors, he doesn't find bearings in time ! That's for her teacher's complaining. And she's true! But when it's the third, your expectations are measured, you know that all will come at its time, just a question of patience. Hope the teacher of next year will be ok with that, because nowadays teachers are just like some parents very demanding!

Everybody know that we begin a career at the age of 4. : )

What you'll be as an adult worker is determined at this age! I wonder when boys catch up? because everyone know that if the progress was constant from childhood to adult age, women would be at all the responsabilities jobs, given, as children, they're always more mature than boys, and ahead of them.

And, for the curious people here, I, their mother, haven't repeated a class in my entire school career. Then, I began to work, and then I reapeated many times, see the quizz! In fact, I 'm born to study, when I want, and what I want and . . . . . being a mom, I'm very steady at that.

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  1. Your kids go to school so late in the year! Our kids got out on June 9th which was very late by US standards. When do your kids start school? Our start at the end of August. Great post! Loved the pictures, and before that I loved the bus pictures. What a great city you live in...

  2. They are talking
    of the 'feminist backlash' at present - that women are losing out again in the job market. You would have thought that by now employers should have realised women are as responsible, if not more so, than men.
    I do not know this photographer - Andre Breton and... damn, the name's gone !

  3. Its nice to read about your school and children. I hadnt realised but our children are nearly all similar ages. My oldest just turned 16 and he is in year 11 here. My middle daughter is 13 at the end of the year and is in year 7 at the moment and my youngest is 5 she is in pre-primary.
    I hope your children enjoy their school holidays.

  4. When does the school year start? Ours has been over for months now. Great post, BTW. Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you have a great day!

  5. Glad you are done!
    We finished a couple of weeks back, but I want to do some math games and word puzzles and LOTS of reading this summer. I think it helps us all to jump back in again for the new school year. We usually start in mid-August, so we have a fun six weeks ahead of us!
    Blessings, E

  6. To answer to Jacque and For The People, French students will go back school at on September 2d. Until this date, I 'll follow the advice of Elizabeth, and will make them work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week during 2 months! Just kidding, they won't hold out, and I will not too!

  7. Wonderful old photographs.
    Thanks for sharing about your kids.
    I'm glad to be an empty-nester. I don't know how I survived the kids' school years. hehe
    Bon courage. Happy vacance.

  8. The photos the accompany your writing are a treat... And so is your honest words -- but those old photos -- they are just classic! This is one of the nicest posts I've seen and read in quite a while, and I do mean that! Enjoyed it.

  9. I love the photo's in the post. Thanks for sharing about the kids and school. Interesting how each child is so different in how they want to learn!

    My daughter April was Lirpa for while until she figured out to write her name left to right!!

  10. Well you're kids have a lovely example to follow..... you!
    i know you must be on vacation somewhere fabulous now.... and without your computer. Enjoy yourself!

  11. Doisneau is one of the true masters if not the ONE.