mercredi 15 octobre 2008


RIEN= NOTHING for those who didn't take French as first language.
If one is Parisian that's one's every day life.
Quand on est parisien, voici notre quotidien.

So, sometimes we need to breathe, and find some open space. We do our best to find Nature wherever we can.
Alors quelques fois, nous avons besoin de respirer, et de trouver des espaces verts. Nous faisons notre possible pour trouver la nature où que ce soit

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Unfortunately, Nature is not available for every one.

It speaks for itself.
Anyhow, we don't want to lie down on lawn at this time of the year.
De toute façon, nous ne comptions pas nous allonger sur la pelouse à cette période de l'année
But be careful, you're not allowed to do all you want in fact.
Open space doesn't mean free space.
Mais, attention, vous n'êtes pas autorisés à faire tout ce que vous désirez.

Thanks to our latin origins, we, Parisian and French people in general, think that rules are made to get round.
Grace à nos origines latines , nous Parisiens et les Français en général estiment que les règlent sont faites pour être contournées.

The most difficult to respect for young children is this particular one.
La plus difficile à respecter est celle ci en particulier.

My son and his mates, as well as many children at the public parc, use to do as if they haven't noticed the interdiction.

Mon fils et ses copains , ainsi que plusierus autres enfants au parc ont l'habitude de faire comme s'ils n'avaient pas remarqué le panneau d'interdiction.

It's almost written on every public buildings

That's the reason why :Some are contrary.
Quelques uns ont un esprit de contradiction.

So when we're Parisian, since for many and non legitimate reasons ; ) according me, we're not appreciated, we probably don't tell anyone that we are from the Capitale..


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  1. That board with 7 prohibitions was quite funny. It´s not allowed to drink anything? What, stop breathing next! Yet you have so many things and possibilites others don´t have.

  2. excellent post. thanks god we have photos to remind us how nature is. "prohibits prohibitions"

  3. Les prohibitions sont necessaires, mais souvent sont très ennuyeuses!
    On a dit que l'Italie dans les dernières années est devenue le Pays des prohibitions!

  4. Il est tres amusant ton post!!
    On se croirait presque aux Etats Unis avec toutes ces interdictions...

    SAUF qu'ici Tout le monde obeit!!!

  5. That sign with the interdictions was wonderful. I like that it was visual instead of verbal. Around here it would have taken more than 1000 words to explain all of that...and then NO ONE would read it! So sad, though, that playing ball in the park is not allowed!
    Pax, E

  6. I love that I can come to your blog and brush up on my high school French as well as improve my vocabulary.

    Those prohibitions are pretty funny. The people here would laugh if someone tried to put up signs like that. Do the people there actually obey all those rules, or just ignore them and do what they want?

  7. I can understand no dogs, picking flowers, or feeding the birds, but no bikes? no soccer? no music?? AACK! What's the reason to go the the park then?? I can see why some choose to be contrary! lol!

  8. My lips are sealed, I will not tell anyone!!!

    Love the pictures and the post!!