mardi 11 novembre 2008


Today is the Armistice Day. The End of WWI
During our holidays in Menton, we visited the cimetery.
We arrived to the 14 - 18 memorial .
All these names are Menton citizen-fellows who died during these 4 years.
They 've been sent at the front in the North.
See below, you get a memorial stone, it is written :

"Passer-by, Remove your hat
and pray
Don't forget that I have been what you are
And you will be what we are"

Entire families were killed.

We arrived to the Trabuquet, le carré de la Marne (square of the Marne) where have been buried Senegalese Tirailleurs who fought at our side during WWI. (Senegal made part of our Colonial 'empire' until 60's). After being injured at the front, they've been transfered in the South of France, in hotels converted in hospitals, to be treated if possible. Many (around 2000 men) died here far away from their country. (sources)

There were also Belgian soldiers

And Italian soldiers

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  1. Tu sais Catherine, cette guerre a aussi touché d'autres partie du monde que Tu ne mentionnes pas, comme la Russie et la Turquie, voire d'autres pays aussi...
    La guerre est une absurdité, et pourtant, quand nous voyons le monde actuel ! Où n'y a-t-il pas de conflits ?
    Bah, pensons à celles et ceux qui dorment en Paix...

  2. memorials like this always give me a feeling of awe and of being transported back in time. a very fitting tribute to the day.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my MOnochrome MOnday post, Catherine.

  3. Very very moving, your post.
    A shiver ran through me on seeing the names of the whole families.

  4. I have no veterans to celebrate in my situation. (see my post yesterday) and then I think if there were no soldiers there would be no war either !

  5. It's like a history lesson every time I visit your blog! Beautiful lovely pictures.

  6. We should never forgot. Thank for keeping the memory alive. This post was very touching.

  7. A beautiful tribute

    the words on stone are haunting

  8. Do you suppose there will ever be a day that we wonder what "war" was?

    Until then, it's fitting that we remember that all gave some, and some gave all.

  9. Great post for a really important commemoration, Catherine.

  10. very nice, i love the emotion of memorial shots. do you have many loved ones lost in the War ? In my post it was interesting you thought that was my son..... I took this shot 19 years ago.... That is my Mom receiving the flag when my step dad passed away and the Young man is my hubby 19 years ago:)

  11. Wonderful post, Catherine. Thank you for the reminder that we Americans weren't the only ones involved in that horrible war. I just pray the world never goes that far again.

  12. Wow, how very meaningful....

    Your photos are amazing... and the quote is something that I think everyone should read and think about.