samedi 8 novembre 2008


Vegetation in the Garavan, and Old City of Menton.
Cactus or Trees ?
It gives you an idea of the sun-exposure overthere.

Some owners get a good sense of homour

Enjoy the trip in the alleys ?

9 commentaires:

  1. Très surprenants ces espèces "d'rabres"...

    Jolies photos, dis donc !

  2. That is a great use to make of a cactus! These are interesting views. I am glad you are so inquisitive and have your camera ready!

  3. That second picture looks like trees? It is really surprising to see these plants growing so hight in a different climate! Funny that picture with hat and guitar :)
    Yes, our cities ARE very green in the meantime, and the parks are an oasis where you can get away from city noises.
    And some rainy days are simply beautiful :)
    Have a nice weekend, Catherine!
    Our children shot so wonderful pictures when they were in Paris in summer! Great!

  4. I love the tree with the hat!! Cactus make excellent fences.

  5. Yes, I did enjoy your guiding through the alleys. Merci.

    Oi, I can't believe they showed the scuffle at the Holy Sepulchre on French TV. How embarrassing. I will try to post something about the problems there. Thanks for telling me.

  6. "Le monde entier est un cactus
    Il est impossible de s'asseoir
    Dans la vie, il y a que des cactus
    Moi je me pique de le savoir
    Aïe aïe aïe, ouille, aïe aïe aïe"

    Victor adore les cactus, je suis sure que son préféré sera celui avec le chapeau et la guitare !on se croirait au Mexique...
    Bisous à tous.

  7. Interesting sequence, Catherine. These are strange trees, aren't they? The last photo is really amusing!

  8. This reminds me of the cactus I see in Arizona!

  9. I love cacti. Can't keep 'em alive to save my soul, but I love that others can.