jeudi 13 novembre 2008


I use the occasion of Sky Watch Friday, to share with you an information I've learnt these last days.

One of the skippers of 'Le Vendée Globe' (A sailing race around the world, for singlehanders, without any stopover) told before begining the race that 2008 was a 13 moons years. And that meant weather wouldn't be favorable.

13 moons/a year = Bad weather.
I didn't pay attention of these informations before.

So I wanted this evening to propose you 4 of these 13 moons. Just look at them as they are, I'm not a professional photographer, Imagine they were many times more attractive.

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Sweet dreams!

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26 commentaires:

  1. Great shots. Love the orange one. Have a great weekend.

  2. Quite amazing photos. Very nice. And I'm glad that at least for me, the 13 moons was wrong. But doesn't every year have 13 moons? Or maybe not because they may start in the middle of a cycle. I'll have to give it some thought.

  3. No pretending needed those are awesome-- I love the cloud and the red WOW-- Did they have bad weather?

  4. I have never photographed the Moon successfully - I am very impressed.

    The wooden object is a saw horse.

  5. Bonsoir Catherine !

    Tu as mis une photo pour chaque saison ???

  6. Lovely moonshots,I have the moon today too,but just one.

  7. But doesn't almost every year have 13 full moons? Hmmm. Interestng.

    You may not be a professional photographer but to my eye you take great photos!
    Happy Sky Watch!

  8. Great shots of the moon. Like all the different colours.
    Happy SWF.

  9. I love your photos they are amazing.
    Happy SWF!

  10. I enjoy your Sky Watch post, very beautiful moons, Catherine.
    I'd like to stay five minutes on the moon and see the black sky with the sun shining in it, the deserted mountains and the craters: surely there we could not make photos for Sky Watch!
    Have a good weekend!

  11. moons are so hard to photograph...but yours are very beautiful!

  12. Great idea, Catherine. That moon with the cloud would have been a perfect Hallowe'en moon..very spooky.

  13. Hi Catherine! Sorry for the long delay in coming here, but the last two weeks were too hectic!
    Finally I managed to get to your blog, and see some wonderful pictures! Loved the Moon pictures and the yellow cabs...
    Interesting Armistice story!
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter, after Armenia, is back to Greece in November 2007! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

  14. Wow ! you took these pictures of the moon ? I never managed to get a good moon picture, it looks always as if there is a yellow hole in the sky !
    Mais en Egypte les lunes sont phantastiques ! Un croissant de lune est couché là bas et n'est pas debout ! (comme disait un petit garçon : regarde maman, la lune dors !"

  15. Those are all fabulous shots. You did a great job with the moon.

  16. I also heard this summer in Brittany that next year is also a 13th moon year!!!
    better bring the sweaters again!!
    Lovely colored moons.

  17. Catherine, such beautiful shots of mother moon! Thank you.

    (Born in Verdun!)

  18. I like the last moon, which is seen through the strips of clouds. Kind of like looking at the moon through window blinds. All four moons are beautiful, you can not detract from the quality of natural views!

    (traduit par Babelfish)

    J'aime la dernière lune, qui est vue par les bandes des nuages. Un peu comme regarder la lune par des abat-jour de fenêtre. Chacune des quatre lunes est belle, vous ne peuvent pas amoindrir la qualité des vues normales !

  19. Sweet Dreams is a great name for this post! These are amazing photos! Can't get over how clear and crisp these turned out! You are such a great photographer!

  20. They were beautiful as yhey are, even without imagination...but the moon always makes imagination run.