lundi 16 mars 2009


Jardin du Luxembourg - Mars 2009

Je vous invite à vous asseoir sur ce banc et révasser pendant quelques minutes, à lire un livre, ou juste bavarder.
Un autre truc vert spécifiquement pour Mary de Work of the Poet.
Ruby Tuesday devient Green Tuseday aujourd'hui en l'honneur de la Saint Patrick.

I invite you to sit down on that bench, to daydream during a few minutes, to read a book , or to chat.
Another Green stuff specifically for Mary at Work of the Poet .

Ruby Tuesday is Green Tuesday, today, to celebrate the Saint Patrick's day.
We don't celebrate Saint Patrick Day, but we consider the 4 leaves shamrock as a Lucky Charm .

"For you , my Heart"
sent in 1906.

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  1. LOVE the photo and that picture compliments it well.

  2. Catherine, I love the bench photo. I'd sit and read a while.

  3. Looks like a great place for a picnic!

  4. The beautiful lawn is green, as green as you will see. A four leaf clover should mean great luck for all those that possess. A garden of beauty!
    (par Babelfish)
    La belle pelouse est verte, aussi vert que vous verrez. Un trèfle de quatre feuilles devrait signifier la grande chance pour le tout ceux qui possèdent. Un jardin de beauté !

  5. Love your photo - it looks like a very welcoming place! Happy St. Patty's Day!

  6. I could sit on that bench for a long time!
    I LOVE the vintage postcard!!

  7. I just love visiting your site. This bench is just marvelous.

    Oh I felt like I was sitting down and daydreaming.

    Wonderful job!!:-)

  8. I love the vintage post card, Catherine! Happy Ruby Tuesday to you!

  9. Catherine, what a charming photo of the Jardin du Luxembourg!
    I like a lot the postcard too.
    Have a good week!

  10. S'assoir sur un banc 5 mn avec toi...non, nous c'est pas possible avec nos garnements ! on peut pas rester tranquille plus de 5 mn....
    Bonne journée !

  11. P.S. I have an award for you, Catherine. Come by the Pagan Sphinx?


  12. Ah ! le jardin du Luxembourg, c'est toute mon enfance !
    L'année dernière en avril, j'ai rencontré à Paris, Lyliane, Peter et Cristina. Nous nous sommes promenés dans ce jardin et j'y ai pris un plaisir évident. Rien a changé dans ce jardin, à part qq statues qui ne sont pas de mon goût. Les bancs sont toujours les mêmes, j'ai revu les kiosques, les balançoires et surtout le théâtre des marionettes. j'ai un petit coup de nostalgie ce matin.

  13. Quel joli banc et quelle jolie carte postale! Ces deux images ont une ambiance en parfaite harmonie. Je Te souhaite un joyeux "Saint Patrick's Day" chere Catherine!


  14. Il faut expédier vos garnements à l'école et en profiter pour papoter avec les copines!
    Très jolie échappée verte dans le gris du béton.
    Ici, on fête la Saint Patrick dans les bars...

  15. j'adore cette photo simple de ce banc, une petite pose, avant de profiter de ta carte

  16. Faut-il toujours payer pour s'asseoir sur les chaises en métal? Et un peu plus pour avoir celles avec les accoudoirs.

  17. Happy St. Patrick 's Day!

    "Accept that you give this flower for me missing
    the treasures of the world to you,
    for not having wings of angels to cover up,
    protect you and remove you from all that may afflict you.
    Accept this flower as a high prayer
    the sky, carrying your name, asking
    that the light of all the stars are spilling on your life.
    Accept this flower as a bird was,
    leading in his beak a green leaf of hope,
    the seed of pure white lilies,
    to live in eternal peace…"
    Bonjour Catherine!
    I loved this post!It's really beautiful.

  18. What a wonderful old-fashioned photo. And I enjoyed reading the French; I'm very rusty, but it's nice to see a language of which I have some knowledge.

    Doing Ruby Tuesday is often about daydreaming...just having fun with friends chatting about what's lovely and special.

  19. Avec l'age je deviens difficile je vous laisse le banc et je m'assois sur la chaise que je mets en face pour que nous puissions taper une petite discute

  20. I like the serene setting...lovely.

  21. Je pense que je suis daltonienne puisque je vois du vert au lieu du rouge, lol !

  22. Hello Catherine :)

    Very lovely settings, very inviting bench and a beautiful atmosphere. I will neither sit nor chat nor read. I will just lie on the bench and fall asleep not for a few minutes but for a few hours until the caretaker wakes me up and tells me to go home :) This is a fairy tale setting and I suppose this is the stuff dreams are made of! Amazing photo very skilfuly captured.

    The lucky charm is a treat to watch and I hope that now since I have seen the charm, I will get some luck. May be I will win a lottery ticket :)

    Since you are writing in French and English, it is a great opportunity for to learn French. Where in the world I will get free tution?:) Hope I will learn fast to say Bonjour, Bonsoir etc. and probably write my comments in French. The only problem is I have dull mind :)

    On the whole I have spent an enjoyable time visiting your blog. Many thanks for the same.

    Wish you a wonderful day :)

  23. Nice shot of Paris!

  24. Wow it is like a carpet so pretty grass my sister collects those old postcards w/ pictures like that
    I love all the Irish greenery today - come see all mine I am very Irish. thanks for sharing

  25. I'd lie to sit down on the bench and daydream for awhile.
    It's just the season for that special entertainment.
    Your old card is very sweet and suitable for the season.

    King James, when he lost the Battle of Boyne to William the Conqueror, he fled to France with his men. They were called the wild geese.
    Maybe some day you should pop over to say hello.
    From Felisol

  26. I like the green grass with all the rest monochrome. How clever of you! Sorry I'm late getting around this week!

  27. Catherine, Ibrush up on my French reading your posts. Thank you for helping me! I love the old Victorian postcard with shamrock for Ruby Tuesday! :)