lundi 29 septembre 2008


Meetings during trips, holidays or outings.
Connaissances pendant mes voyages, vacances ou sorties.

from right to left : Mountain cat at Sospel, an other in Sospel, under a car at Ventimiglia, finding shadow at Menton.
Sospel ginger cat, ignoring celebrity, resting at the Montmartre cemetery, love story at Florence (Italy)

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His majesty Cannelle, our ever sleeping beauty, our family cat.

5 commentaires:

  1. What a nice series of pictures ! and your sleeping beauty is a beauty !

    J'ai une amie son chat s'appelle aussi Canelle !

  2. Et mon Gaspard alors !
    Dommage que je ne peux te joindre 1 photo dans ce commentaire.
    Mon chat, c'est un tigre, un tigre du Bengale d'ailleurs, ce week-end il a chassé, et tué un pauvre petit rouge-gorge....

  3. So many kitties outside?!? Are their owners not afraid for their safety? Love your baby! I am always amazed how much he looks like my Jake!

  4. Very fine photographs, Catherine.
    I like cats for their independence and lightness.