dimanche 21 septembre 2008


These 2 pictures are for Angella,
my new blogger friend from Nice.

Nice Daily Photo

Visiting her blog, is visiting Nice in a way! So, if I had an advice to give you, follow the link. You'll find colors, heat, a way of life, in her pictures.
She posted a few days ago, a young man 's picture at Nice laid down on the lawn, when I saw him, I thought it was my son's best friend.
Make a comparison Angella!

Ces 2 photos sont pour Angela, ma nouvelle amie-blogger.
Visiter son blog, c'est visitez Nice. Ses couleurs, sa chaleur, son mode de vie.
Si j'avais un conseil à donner, suivez le lien.
Il y a quelques jours, elle a posté une photo d'un jeune homme à Nice sur une pelouse. Et je crus qu'il s'agissait du meilleur ami de mon fils.
Faites la comparaison, Angela.

4 commentaires:

  1. Hi Catherine,
    how lovely of you to give me such a generous introduction...As to the "unknown young man" well, it could be him: he looks about the same build and the hair's the same length. Guess we could only be sure if we asked him..

  2. Thank you for the link and these are nice fun photos.

  3. I forgot to look at the trousers in the other picture. LOL. But it is a nice shot and causing a lot of back and forth on the blogs today. Maybe this was all planned?

  4. Doesn't appear to be the same person to me. But, I've been wrong before!!