mercredi 24 septembre 2008


What's that ? You ask .

Or that?

They're details of the roofing of the Cathedrale of Chartres.
about 900 years is contemplating us from this height.
About the chronology of its building, click on "façade".
Old stones, lichen, for the steeple.
Copper, one particularity of the roofing.

Ce sont les détails de la toiture de la Cathédrale de Chartres.
A peu près 900 as nous contemplent de cette hauteur.
A propos de la chronologie de sa construction, clicquer sur "façade".
Vieille pierre et lichen pour le clocher le plus sobre.
Cuivre, une des particularités, pour la toiture.

We've climbed, climbed, and climbed, ...300 a stair where it was quite impossible to pass someone coming the other way. My head was spinning.
To finally, arriving at the top.
Open air (read here : a lot of wind), watching the entire medieval city down below.
Nous sommes montés, montés, montés, .... 300marches... par un escalier où il était pratiquement impossible de croisé quelqu"un. Ma tête tournait.
Pour finalement arriver à l'air libre, entendez par là beaucoup de vent.
Et profiter de la vue sur la ville médiévale en bas.

Look at these little people. It could have benn us a few minutes ago.*

Will you follow for the next post ? A part of the inside.

9 commentaires:

  1. Very nice photos. Old buildings have great history.

  2. That is a wonderful view. Well worth the climb. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The music chosen is so calming. I'm enjoying this virtual visit to Chartres!

  4. Those stairs are not made for today´s tourists. When I was younger I was always going for the odd medieval teeny weeny stairs but not anymore.

  5. Thanks for showing more pictures of the Cathedral of Chartres. It is beautiful! Is the narrow stairway there also? It reminds me of the Notre Dame Cathedral or some Gorgeous Cathedral that we walked to the top of when I was over there, I thought it was when I was in Paris. Anyway, I remember so well, the winding, narrow stairway up to the top! I might have my trips confused or else just the names of the Churches mixed up. It looks so familiar though!!! Oh well, I find myself wanting to get my pictures out and look at all the lovely things that I did see when we were there! It's making me really miss Europe a lot! Anyway,let me know about the stairs if you get a few minutes!

    Thank you Catherine!


  6. You hit the nail on the head! That is exactly the bed that Johnny has! I have an IKEA addiction!

  7. Perhaps a tiring climb, but the view over there is fabulous.
    Great post, Catherine. I am waiting for the next posts of your journey.