dimanche 21 septembre 2008


Yesterday, we went to Chartres for the all day, and a part of the evening with our dear friends.
We wanted to attend to Chartres Illuminations on the walls of the main monuments.

Hier, nous étions à Chartres pour toute la journée, et une partie de la soirée avec nos chers amis.
Nous voulions assister aux Illuminations sur les murs des principaux monuments.
Not that kind of restaurant Illumination although it is welcoming .
Pas ce genre d'Illuminations d'un restaurant bien qu'elles soient accueillantes et chaleureuses.

Neither these one.

Ni celles-ci.

Rather the kind of son et lumière .

The kind that makes people getting out in the evening, in the cold, to attend the performance.
Plutôt du genre de son et lumière.
Du genre qui font sortir les gens le soir, dans le froid, pour assister au spectacle.

And houses all around the Cathedrale.

Et devant les maisons autour de la Cathédrale


The outside crypt

La crypte extérieure
Creatures are appearing at every corners.
Here, spectrums of light going along the facade of houses.

Des créatures apparaissent à chaque coin de rue.
Voici les spectres de lumière longeant les façades des maisons.

Can you feel them? They're just passing behind your shutters.

They've invaded the streets to protect the place during the dark night. Can you hear them whispering ?

Ils ont envahi les rues pour protéger l'endroit pendant la nuit noire. Pouvez vous les entendre chuchoter ?

They hang up their coat of arms which flies at your window.

Ils suspendent leurs armoiries qui flottent contre vos fenêtres.

There're also living gargoyles appearing at the corner of the streets, at the iron gate. Can you hear their hooves on the cobblestone ? Young children, and less young are scared !

Later, we'll visit the place at the day-light. The view from the steeple of the Cathedrale. The city liberated from its night creatures.

Plus tard, nous visiterons les lieux à la lumière du jour. La vue depuis le clocher de la Cathédrale. La ville libérée de ses créatures de la nuit.

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  1. This is an amazing post! Great atmosphere, Catherine!

  2. You must had great time. Wonderful pictures of another time.

  3. Catherine,
    This illumination is gorgeous. It is like light graffiti! So wonderful. I have seen similar illusions created in New York City at Christmastime, but nothing on this level. This is very grand and invites the imagination to another time!

  4. Beer is the best drink after running or physical exercise :) The first sip, at least!
    Thank you for your visit! Have a nice week!

  5. I had no idea that they put on such a lovely light show! I'll having to look into going myself! Wow!

  6. Plenty of knights in shining armour! Great photostory.