jeudi 19 février 2009


N'est-ce pas une entrée d'immeuble accueillante ?
Les murs sont recouverts de faïence peintes d'après les dessins de Poulbot en 1910 (voir post précedent).
Rendre les oeuvres artistiques accessibles à tous.
Isn't it a welcoming hall ?
Walls are covered by faience-tiles from drawings by Poulbot in 1910 (see previous post).
Artistic works available for every one.

Les gosses et leurs activités.
Kids and their activities.

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  1. Oh,Catherine, that is lovely. I'm so happy you share such beautiful things!! It is wonderful to get these glimpses of Paris!!

  2. Catherine, these drawings are exquisite. Such a lovely retrospective of children and the games they play.
    Are they originals?

  3. Catherine, it's really a welcoming hall, which is worth seeing. The drawings are so beautiful, I find they well reflect those old fascinating times. Thanks for this interesting post.

  4. Jolie trouvaille! Bonnes vacances, Catherine ;-)

  5. c'est magnifique, on dirait un vrai musée. superbe et encore merci pour cette decouverte

  6. Just fantastic! Wonderful! (You wouldn't give the address, would you? Somewhere around Avenue Junot?)

  7. These tiles are fabulous. How wonderful they are still available for all to see.

  8. I'll move ! that's a lovely entrance !

  9. do you see that often? does it strike you as innocent and another era or are you now so familiar w/ it is is just sweet children-- Do me it so evokes and almost transports to another time

    The word pansy is a slang word for A WEAKLING ...AND THOSE FLOWERS ARE SO STRONG.... IT IS A DISPARITY:(sorry for the capitals)

    As you were teasing I thought I would assure you the giant tulip is not so amazing:)

  10. Bon jour,Catherine .
    En fait, nous avons eu quelques problèmes, mais nous pensons que tout sera bientôt résolu.

    J'espère vraiment et que vous voulez mettre notre blog sur le Luxembourg en ligne aussi rapidement que possible.
    Votre blog est magnifique, tant de collours et de jolie!
    Par ailleurs, ma fille Marina et moi adore Amélie Poulain!:-))
    Merci pour votre amitié!

  11. Re my sky watch and your question, it is a museum outside Brussels with a wonderful parc around I showed it last week

  12. These tiles are really beautiful, Catherine! What a lovely place.

  13. A beautiful post, Catherine.
    Your new look is good too.

  14. Beautiful tiles, lovely scenes, Catherine! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. I enjoyed reading parts one and two. Awesome pics, and great story of the place!

  16. How beautiful...wouldn't prints of those murals be wonderful in a child's bedroom?
    Blessings, E

  17. Tu me fais decouvrir cette maison je n'en avais meme jamais entendu parler!!
    Vraiment tres amusant!

  18. Merci Beaucoup Catherine!
    I'm so happy Peter pointed in your direction so I could see these wonderful photos. I learn something new everday from great bloggers like you!
    Warm regards,