jeudi 12 février 2009


Today is Noah's Birthday ! Mary's son.
Nine years ago, Noah, you were almost like these little boys enjoying to be free at last.
Today, Noah, ask for many presents. It's YOUR DAY.

A long time ago, it was said to little French children that Boys arrived in cabbages and Girls, in Roses. That was the "easiest" method to explain birth to young children ! Don't ask me the origin, it sounds so stupid nowaday. Stupid, but cute.

Aujourd'hui c'est l'anniversaire de Noah, le fils de Mary.
Il y a neuf ans, tu étais presque comme ces petits garçons te réjouissant d'être enfin libre.
Aujourd'hui, demande plein de cadeaux. C'est TON JOUR.

If you want to celebrate Noah's Birthday, go at his mom's blog, Mary at
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Si vous désirez célébrer l'anniversaire de Noah, allez sur le blog de sa maman Mary à
Voilà Vintage Postcard. Laissez lui un message, ou mieux, joignez vous à Postcard Friendship Friday, et publiez un petit quelque chose avec le thème de l'Anniversaire sur votre blog. Inscrivez vous sur le blog de Mary.

5 commentaires:

  1. Yes that was cute ! In Germany the babies were brought by a stork !

  2. What a cute postcard! I've not heard about little girls arriving in roses until now. Softer than cabbages and they smell sweeter too.

  3. That's a beautiful card! In England we used to say babies were found under a gooseberry bush. :)

  4. Les biberons ont la forme de bouteilles de Bordeaux...
    Elle est vraiment drole cette carte!!

  5. Hi Catherine! I am late late late late commenter! Noah invited 13 boys to spend the night for his birthday! We drank sparkling apple juice and at cake at midnight! It was so lovely but quite tiring! I was exhausted the entire weekend!