lundi 9 février 2009


Once upon a time, a Red and welcoming house,
Behind this colored wall, people speak with a delicious southern accent .
To sum up, a way of life...

Il était une fois, une Maison Rouge et accueillante,
Derrière ce mur coloré, les gens parlent avec un délidieux accent méridional.
Pour résumer, une façon de vivre...

an other Red house in the old city of Nice

Welcome at Nice, Place Massena.

Just to stay in Mary's theme of Valentine's Day, what don't you send a Valentine Card with one of these beautiful French and Red stamps ?
Juste pour coller au thême de Mary de la Saint Valentin, pourquoi ne pas envoyer une carte avec l'un de ses beaux timbres Rouges
this one above was designed by Yves Saint Laurent

You get something in Red to share ?
Go and visit Mary The Teach
at her blog Work of The Poet
Go and watch, comment, participate.

Vous avez quelque chose de Rouge à partager.
Allez visiter Mary The Teach
sur son blog Work of The Poet
Allez regarder, commenter, participer.

24 commentaires:

  1. un moment je me voyais dans la ville de Collonges la Rouge, mais non c'est nice. on sent la st valentin arriver petit a petit ;o))

  2. The colours are so vibrant and cheery! This was a great way to start out my day!

  3. Great photos, Catherine. I like the red hearts.

  4. Love the buildings and the Valentines.

    My RT is up. here, if you get a chance to stop by.

  5. wow, those stamps are gorgeous! love to have some.:D

  6. I had to chuckle when you said "Southern accent". All I could think was "Bon jour y'all!"

    Love the simplicity of the lines in this building. Nice catch!

  7. Lovely architecture. Red buildings are wonderful. And I like the stamps, too.

  8. indeed looks very southern, could be Italy too !
    Don't tell me that these stamps cost 3 € ?? I saw FF on one so you can't use it anymore. But they look very romantic !

  9. C'est amusant nous avons toutes les 2 mis des volets dans le dernier post..
    Mais le petit accent du midi chez toi fait rever...

  10. Une bien belle illustration de ce challenge

  11. I like that first red wall. Perfect for RT.

  12. This is a beautiful building in France. Such red, classic style and shutters that really work (not decoration likc in the US). C'est magnifique!

  13. Wonderful series of photos. I love those red buildings... and the stamps are pretty cool too.

  14. What a nice post, Catherine. The red houses reminds me of the houses of many towns the Liguria, on the italian coastline.
    The red stamps are really interesting: I would buy them just for a collection.

  15. Sympa d'avoir mit la petite chanson de Louis....

  16. Lovely photos. Those stamps are so festive looking, perfect for the holiday.

  17. Tiens tiens je connais bien ce coin là .....

  18. This nice and typical Nice colour! Someone told me that this colour is compulsory in certain areas of Nice and that there is only one supplier, but I suppose this must be false rumour! ?:-)

  19. The beautiful, warm, red buildings of Nice..
    They are so inviting and yet stylish
    with a touch of class.
    The arches and bows, classic architecture for me to dwell amongst.
    This time of year, when the spring has not yet besieged the old king winter, I want to travel, to walk and stay in southern beauty.
    Oh, isn't February a month for longing?

    Thank you for visiting.
    You are always bringing something new and refreshing.
    From Felisol

  20. Ces timbres sont beaux, Catherine! And I love the RED buildings! Southern French accent? Or Southern USA accent? Ha!

  21. I love the angle of the first two photos!
    The graphics of the stamps are beautiful.

    In answer to your comment about my gnomes - they are for inside decorations. I thought since it was a warm day the photos would look nice with the natural vines of my wisteria.

  22. I love those red buildings, and all of your photos!