lundi 6 avril 2009


RUBY TUESDAY # 17 Lighthouse of Menton - Phare de Menton. february 2009

On the other side : Italy

Phare et vieille ville - Lighthouse and old town

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  1. superbe photo panoramique sur la deuxieme photo. le rouge du phare fait un beau contrasme avec le paysage

  2. I've always wanted to visit Italy. So is the border between Italy and France? My husband and I went to Paris on our honeymoon, but I've been nowhere else in France. What I really love are the old villages, especially on the water.

  3. That lighthouse is functional, of course, but with that delicate and elegant Italian style and flair. That light is important to keep the ships off the rocks...but looks so nice while protecting the seafarers...


    Ce phare est fonctionnel, naturellement, mais avec le modèle de cela et le talent italiens sensibles et élégants. Que la lumière est importante pour garder les bateaux outre des roches… mais regarde si gentille tout en protégeant les marins…

  4. Dear Catherine!
    The colours of your flag!fantastic!
    Wonderful pictures!
    You live in an amazing place!
    This "red"is very special indeed!
    God bless you
    Léia :-)

  5. Catherine, this is just stunning! My fiance has been there several times on business. Regrettably, I have never been able to go along. One day, perhaps.

    Thank you again and again for your kind words regarding my future mother-in-law's situation. It meant a lot to me.


  6. Both of your shots are wonderful, but I absolutely love the first one. Wonderful.

  7. What wonderful shots!!
    I love the composition and the color combo of the first and then that second one - wow, what a view!

  8. Parfaite composition chère Catherine! La couleur vive de la phare constitue un contraste excellent avec la vue pâle de la vieille ville mais en même temps attire mon attention sur la vieille ville.

    Je te souhaite une très bonne journée,


  9. Quelle belle ville !!
    Je l'adore vieux batiment vieille ville et plage

  10. Très jolies photos, qui donnent de furieuses envies !

  11. Belles images de Menton. On pourrait s'imaginer en vacances, à se balader en bord de mer. Heureusement le weekend de Pâques approche.

  12. Pour le moment je ne vois que des phares. La vue sur l'Italie est magnifique. Je passe vite fait.

  13. Beautiful pictures ! I get holiday feelings when I see that !

    En lisant ton titre j'avais déjà peur que tu t'y mets aussi à publier des drapeaux, lol !

  14. Les phares sont toujours interessants. Les photos sont tres jolies.

    Je voudrais y aller maintenant ;-)
    J'ai besoin des vacances.

    J'espere que mon Francais n'est pas terrible, Catherine.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  15. Oh I love lighthouses and this one is in a perfect setting!

  16. Wow just beautiful i want to visit there:) i like it in close up and in the scenery oh and it matches my bathroom too:)

  17. Hi Catherine :)

    The fire house looks like a light house. It stands at a strategic location with awe inspiring beauty and majesty over looking the placid, beautiful blue waters. I wonder what will be the view from the top. It will be gorgeous, I presume.

    Perhaps it is a lighthouse and when translated from French it becomes a fire house.

    The photo of the Italian side is breathtaking. You actually took that photo standing on this side of your country. That is amazing! So if you want to take a look at Italy you don’t have to go there. You can stand in your own country with a good binocular and see the other side. Very interesting!

    Both photos are too good to be true.

    Have a wonderful day, Catherine :)

  18. Hi!
    Great RED post!! Like that lighthouse! It's really pretty sitting there guarding the harbor! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


  19. Splendid scenery, Catherine. I like both photographs.
    I've been to Menton years ago and would like to spend there again some nice days.