mercredi 22 avril 2009


La ville orange de la Côte d'Azur
Orange town of the Riviera.

Collage au parfum d'écorces oranges, inspiré par ceux colorés d'Hélène d'hpy ter

Collage with an peel of oranges scent inspired by those colored from Hélène at hpy ter.

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  1. Great collage!
    I loved the colour!orange is always my favorite juice!

  2. This collage of your photos is beyond delightful. I am enraptured to these gorgeous images you've captured and compiled.

    I want to go there!!! :-)

  3. belle serie sur la couleur l'orange....mais on se pose toujours la question "qui a volé l'orange du marchand ?" ;o)

  4. Very juicy ! It reminds me that I hadn't my orange juice this morning ! I wished I had some trees in my garden.

  5. Hi Catherine :)

    I am astonished the number of delicious oranges on the tree. Magnificent!Alluring! Mouth watering!

    Oh! If I could have some of those oranges this summer how happy I will be! Impossible, I know. So I can only look at your photo and imagine how lovely it will be to taste those oranges.

    Oranges are not grown in Kochi. We get some lousy oranges from north India at fancy prices. When I worked in Madhya Pradesh in India, I used to go to Nagpur on business trips and buy a basket full of lovely juicy oranges and eat by the dozens and even give to our neighbors. Those we good days etched in memory.

    Great photos.The abundant fruits on the tree amazes me.

    Have a wonderful day Catherine :)

  6. Cézar et Léia : In color and tasting, refreshing and joyful.

    Pagan Sphinx : Sure you would love.

    Olivier : Inutile de voler, elles tombent toutes seule de l'arbre dans la rue.

    Château-Gonthierdaily photo : Oui, belle récolte de couleur cette année malgré la crise.

    Gattina : malheureusement, pour toi et moi, notre climat est hostile. Pas de jus d'oranges du jardin pour nous.

    Joseph : I'm so used to watch oranges in our markets, at every time of the year, that I didn't guess it wasn't the same in your country. And you get many other fruits, we can't find here. That's diversity.

  7. Oh how fabulous! Love all the shots. The collage is stupendous. I must tell Nathalie - she is always telling me to photograph the orange trees. She'll love this.

    In your collage, is that the top of the lighthouse in Menton - by the Port of Garavan?

  8. Mais tout est orange à Orange !
    L'arbre est magnifique et le collage aussi. Mon Chéri m'a rapporte de chez un client un recette pour faire des alumettes d'acorces d'orange confites. Je ne m'y suis pas encore essayée.

  9. I love orange, the fruit and the colour. Are the oranges ready for eating already?
    The roses are perfect, from your previous post.

  10. Ravie de voir que vous avez eu le plaisir de rencontrer Jilly. Elle est vraiment adorable, n'est-ce pas?

    Bravo pour le gros plan d'oranges et surtout pour la composition en orange qui fonctionne super bien!

  11. Ca a l'air délicieux. J'en prendrais bien un peu pour avoir des vitamines. Il parait que c'est utile au printemps, après un long hiver, surtout. (Et merci pour l'inspiration:-))

  12. Really great collage. You can almost taste the oranges. You do have the artistic eye!

  13. Mmmmnnn... I can just smell it's orangey perfum! Now I want to go eat a manderine! Is today your last day of vacation? Do the kids start school on Monday?

  14. Quel délice! Avec un tout petit peu d'imagination, je respire même le parfum...

  15. Toi tu devrais devenir éditeur de cartes multivues. ;-) Ce collagge est somptueux.

  16. J'aime les photos d'arbre orange. Elles sont intéressantes et belles (et l'orange de couleur est mon favori).
    I love the orange tree photos. They are interesting and beautiful (and the color orange is my favorite).

  17. Jilly : Yes it's the lighthouse seen from the other side of the harbour, passing in front of the fish-sellers and going on, straight ahead. All the pictures were taken in Menton. Not difficult to find inspiration here. Thanks to come and see us, Jilly. It was a wonderful time passed with you. RDV in August.

    Claude : Gourmande ! Il y a des fruits confits dans le collage. A manger avec les yeux.

    Antigoni : Oranges fall in the streets, already. But I doubt these ones are good to consume. They're certainly bitter.

    Nathalie : Heureuse de t'accueillir. Un jus d'oranges ? En fait, en voyant ta photo-profile, je m'aperçois que je te connais déjà pour t'avoir croisée sur différents blogs. Je vais te rendre une visite à mon tour : )

    hpy : Atmosphère survitaminée ici, au couleurs de la gaité, ce qui ne fait pas de mal pour le moral non plus.

    Natalie : Thanks. In fact, the whole city is a pleasure for the eye. Artistic or not : )

    Marie Reed : I stay here up to saturday. My children go back school on Monday, unfortunately for them, Yesssss !

    Alice : On respire le parfum en passant dans les rues sous les orangers. Où ce miracle est-il possible ailleurs ?

    CieldeQuimper : C'est simplement mises bout à bout des photos qui ne seraient pas formidables vues isolément.

    Sparkle Mirror : A city where the light and colours are an inspiration ! And I'm living there for 2 days still.

  18. I just called "Orange" - have a problem with my mobile phone. (Sorry, has nothing to do with the subject.)

    As you may know, I'm also a great collage fan! You have made a very nice composition! I have been to Menton, but never thought of it as an orange town. You learn every day. The oranges look very nice, but perhaps not so sweet? Like the ones you find in Sevilla?

  19. Un collage fantastique, Catherine. Et l'oranger est si somptueux!
    Très beau post!

  20. c'est bien de faire de la pub en ce moment :-)) C'est très joli cet oranger prolifique.
    Je japonise encore aujourd'hui. :-)

  21. I LOVE that collage. Beautiful colors and imagery.

  22. Ces jolies photos de couleur orange remplissent nos cœurs de lumière et de joie chère Catherine!


  23. Wow that orange tree is stunning! Grand.